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0002952FreeCADBugpublic2017-03-27 17:25
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Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002952: Save Image... results in all-black image file when FreeCAD is built with Qt 5
DescriptionThe Save Image... feature creates a totally black image file when using Qt 5. This issue occurs on both Linux and macOS.
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child of 0002986 closedwmayer Port from Qt4 to Qt5 (Ongoing) 



2017-03-08 11:44

administrator   ~0008574

This seems a regression of Qt5 compared to Qt4. It looks like pixel buffer support has been completely dropped (even for the deprecated QtOpenGL module and internally FBO is used). So, either add the key "DisablePBuffers" or "CoinOffscreenRenderer" and set it to true (under BaseApp/Preferences/Document).

With the real pixel buffer under Qt4 we had the best results because anti-aliasing was supported and transparencies worked quite well, too. Now with Qt5 we can use FBO which also supports anti-aliasing but totally fails for transparencies or use the old built-in Coin offscreen renderer that supports transparencies but no anti-aliasing.

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2017-03-12 11:27:20


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2017-03-21 16:36:53


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