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0004518PartDesignBugpublic2021-12-29 03:50
Reporterakamenskiy Assigned Tochennes  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version0.20Fixed in Version0.20 
Summary0004518: Segfault in some models when making chamfer or fillet (on macos)
DescriptionAttached is example of model where it crashes. It does crash 100% of the time.

ALSO FFS get rid of Mantis, it is the worst bugtracker (has been the worst since I've worked with it in 2006). Even Github issues is way better than this. You can get Jira for open source projects for free.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open attached model
2. Select an inner edge of cutout in top surface (last pocket operation with sharp edges)
3. Try to create fillet or chamfer on selected edge
4. Segfault
Additional InformationThere is a stacktrace from the segfault. But it is not showing up anymore after being dismissed first time.
TagsChamfer, crash, fillet, OCC Bug, upstream
FreeCAD InformationOS: macOS 10.15
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.19.23463 (Git)
Build type: Release
Branch: master
Hash: adc6db8f32c17e9f67cb82aa7962d1e42ce061c6
Python version: 3.8.6
Qt version: 5.12.5
Coin version: 4.0.0
OCC version: 7.4.0
Locale: C/Default (C)


duplicate of 0004543 closedchennes FreeCAD FreeCAD crashes when OCC fails with fillets and chamfers 



2020-12-24 06:41


30 mm fan guard.FCStd (113,429 bytes)


2021-02-04 05:26

administrator   ~0015265

In my testing, this is resolved by the fix discussed in 0004543.


2021-02-27 13:32

administrator   ~0015452

@chennes has created a downstream patch that fixes the crash. It is slowly being integrated in to downstream packages (ATM libpack is the only one but more will follow). This issue is therefore being marked as resolved. It will be closed once all packages are patched or when (if) upstream merges.


2021-12-29 03:50

administrator   ~0016148

This patch has been merged into OpenCASCADE 7.6, and the patch for earlier OCCT versions has been incorporated into all packages of FreeCAD 0.19.3 that I am aware of.

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