Released 2016-04-01
0002449: [Bug] Adding a window when an extrude exists brings error on extrude (yorik)
0002431: [Bug] Material Editor does not take modifications (yorik)
0002413: [Bug] no "OK" button in task view on default initial creation Arch Wall, Structure or Window (yorik)
0002165: [Feature] Extend GUI for facebinder command (yorik)
0002233: [Bug] Drawing view of Arch SectionView changes orientation when changing rendering mode (yorik)
0002063: [Bug] Arch Section :Only Solids : Some placement make the property don't work as expected. (yorik)
0002189: [Bug] Arch SectionPlane default size (yorik)
0002098: [Bug] Arch - section planes cannot be edited via GUI (yorik)
0002232: [Bug] Can't save windows (yorik)
0001994: [Bug] Circular dependencies in Sketch-based Arch Windows (yorik)
0001551: [Feature] Arch - Advanced IFC support (yorik)
0001918: [Bug] Python exception when setting section view`s rendering to solid (yorik)
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