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0002577: [Feature] Support for hatch patterns (yorik)
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Not Yet Released
0003650: [Bug] Can't add building to site (chennes)
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Released 2018-12-31
0003495: [Bug] Structure created using RHS preset is not visible in 3D view (yorik)
0003827: [Bug] Can not add panel in language different to english (yorik)
0003833: [Bug] Arch window object does not follow visibility of group or floorplan
0003001: [Feature] Option between creating the walls walltrace, as sketch or as draft (yorik)
0002747: [Feature] Sandwich panels (yorik)
0003247: [Feature] Allow to draw a beam/column directly, like walls (yorik)
0002556: [Feature] grid object refinements (yorik)
0003779: [Feature] Sketcher sketches cannot constrain to arch axis (yorik)
0003590: [Bug] Arch Py3 unicode problems (yorik)
0003558: [Bug] Arch Windows - Problem with Draft to Sketch (yorik)
0003478: [Bug] FreeCAD doesn't create walls (yorik)
0003430: [Bug] application crashes when create wall object from 2-point line or restangle (yorik)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003082: [Bug] Arch CutPlane - Error: tuple index out of range (yorik)
0002103: [Bug] Arch: Dimensions jumping by 10e3 on german localization
0003234: [Feature] Add Rebar length property (yorik)
0003112: [Bug] ArchSpace area calculation doesn't work (yorik)
0002954: [Patch] Profiles for Arch pipes not working (yorik)
0002575: [Feature] Export 2D geometry to IFC (yorik)
0002583: [Feature] Precast concrete tools (yorik)
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Released 2016-04-01
0002449: [Bug] Adding a window when an extrude exists brings error on extrude (yorik)
0002431: [Bug] Material Editor does not take modifications (yorik)
0002413: [Bug] no "OK" button in task view on default initial creation Arch Wall, Structure or Window (yorik)
0002165: [Feature] Extend GUI for facebinder command (yorik)
0002233: [Bug] Drawing view of Arch SectionView changes orientation when changing rendering mode (yorik)
0002063: [Bug] Arch Section :Only Solids : Some placement make the property don't work as expected. (yorik)
0002189: [Bug] Arch SectionPlane default size (yorik)
0002098: [Bug] Arch - section planes cannot be edited via GUI (yorik)
0002232: [Bug] Can't save windows (yorik)
0001994: [Bug] Circular dependencies in Sketch-based Arch Windows (yorik)
0001551: [Feature] Arch - Advanced IFC support (yorik)
0001918: [Bug] Python exception when setting section view`s rendering to solid (yorik)
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Released 2015-04-05
0001604: [Bug] Arch - Windows placed on the back face of a wall have their Y axis inverted (yorik)
0001811: [Bug] Using "edit placement" function with Arch section planes produces wrong results (yorik)
0001795: [Bug] adapt IFC exporters to accept unicode filenames (yorik)
0001835: [Bug] Crash when inserting window without support (yorik)
0001618: [Feature] Arch.makeRoof(face,angle) with arbitrary angles (yorik)
0001834: [Bug] Lack constraint in sketch of 2-pane type windows (yorik)
0001732: [Bug] Windows and wall with negative height (yorik)
0001610: [Feature] Arch - Enhance the space tool (yorik)
0001561: [Feature] Arch - Use materials (yorik)
0001572: [Bug] Arch Survey tool doesn't respect unit choice (yorik)
0001471: [Feature] Arch - Panel object (yorik)
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Released 2014-07-01
0001360: [Bug] [Arch] must be sip.simplewrapper, not PySide.QtGui.QWidget (wmayer)
0001377: [Bug] Error when create Window (yorik)
0001165: [Feature] Arch Stairs (yorik)
0000978: [Feature] Arch module - Multilayer walls (yorik)
0001313: [Feature] Add nodes sysyem to arch structural elements (yorik)
0000517: [Feature] Arch module - predefined styles (yorik)
0000730: [Feature] Arch module - "Build from faces" feature (yorik)
0000982: [Feature] Arch module - Space object (yorik)
0001167: [Feature] Fixtures subsystem for Arch objects (yorik)
0000981: [Feature] Arch module - Add placement to arch groups (yorik)
0000979: [Feature] Arch module - Inserts should move together with their host wall (yorik)
0000729: [Feature] Arch module - Auto-grouping (yorik)
0001003: [Feature] Arch module - Better structure tool (yorik)
0000947: [Bug] Window object does not update if it fully constrained in Arch module (yorik)
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Released 2013-01-28
0000720: [Feature] Update wiki docs for Arch and Draft (yorik)
0000387: [Feature] Arch module - add roofs (yorik)
0000685: [Bug] Unable to change saved "wall" attributes (like Length - Err: Wall: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'execute') (yorik)
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