Released 2015-04-05
0001604: [Bug] Arch - Windows placed on the back face of a wall have their Y axis inverted (yorik)
0001811: [Bug] Using "edit placement" function with Arch section planes produces wrong results (yorik)
0001795: [Bug] adapt IFC exporters to accept unicode filenames (yorik)
0001835: [Bug] Crash when inserting window without support (yorik)
0001618: [Feature] Arch.makeRoof(face,angle) with arbitrary angles (yorik)
0001834: [Bug] Lack constraint in sketch of 2-pane type windows (yorik)
0001732: [Bug] Windows and wall with negative height (yorik)
0001610: [Feature] Arch - Enhance the space tool (yorik)
0001561: [Feature] Arch - Use materials (yorik)
0001572: [Bug] Arch Survey tool doesn't respect unit choice (yorik)
0001471: [Feature] Arch - Panel object (yorik)
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