Released 2016-04-01
0001862: [Bug] Broken offset of rounded rectangle
0002487: [Bug] Nearest snaps not to intersect (yorik)
0001940: [Bug] Scale of draft clones ignored when 0.5 < scale < 1.5 (yorik)
0002016: [Bug] Annotation using draft workbench causes crash (yorik)
0002066: [Bug] Draft - End Arrow make an arrow at pos(0,0,0) instead of the end coordinate of the line. (yorik)
0002261: [Bug] Unhandled exceptions with Draft->Downgrade 2 (yorik)
0002027: [Bug] Draft.offset with bind=True is broken (yorik)
0002104: [Bug] Draft WB Grid Shifts To Center Of Mass When Fixed To Plane (yorik)
0002162: [Bug] Error When Importing DXF File (yorik)
0002260: [Bug] Unhandled exceptions with Draft->Downgrade (yorik)
0001593: [Feature] Draft - Divide tool (yorik)
0002367: [Feature] Allow Shape2DView tool project not only onto the XY Plane (yorik)
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