Released 2010-03-16
The 0.11 is now release candidate and will be soon our stable version. Therefore, I just activate this item now.
0000226: [Bug] Minor Bug with Box and Sphere not drawn correctly (wmayer)
0000318: [Bug] pad/pocket of multiple circles/rectangles looks bad (wmayer)
0000309: [Bug] Hard coded target for PropertyPlacement edition in Property editor (wmayer)
0000305: [Bug] sketch moves in -z direction
0000306: [Bug] using pad or pocket on line will lead to a crash
0000299: [Bug] bottom face invisible (wmayer)
0000269: [Bug] Offset does not work for regular polygons (yorik)
0000271: [Bug] Edge selection in Gui model window doesn't work anymore (wmayer)
0000291: [Bug] "Tasks" window goes crazy when resized (wmayer)
0000272: [Bug] Draft is not fully translated (yorik)
0000290: [Bug] drawing a rectangle (yorik)
0000288: [Bug] trimming does not work after moving or rotating (yorik)
0000261: [Bug] awesome undo feature (yorik)
0000273: [Bug] Icons in files do not load with Qt 4.7
0000107: [Bug] Support incremental placement for several selected objects (wmayer)
0000191: [Patch] Make preprocessor check for BSD (wmayer)
0000274: [Bug] Localization problem with console and UTF-8 strings (wmayer)
0000137: [Feature] Translations for 0.11 release (yorik)
0000153: [Feature] Furnishing robot workbench (Jriegel)
       0000240: [Feature] Trajectory compound (Jriegel)
       0000154: [Bug] ToolShape misbehave at load and simulation time (Jriegel)
       0000155: [Feature] New KDL solver (Jriegel)
       0000156: [Feature] Home position commands (Jriegel)
       0000241: [Feature] Trajectory dress up feature (Jriegel)
0000119: [Feature] PartDesign (Jriegel)
       0000120: [Feature] Pad feature (Jriegel)
       0000121: [Feature] Pocket feature (Jriegel)
       0000021: [Feature] Reimplementation of Sketch solver (Jriegel)
0000258: [Bug] Crash after undo (Sketcher) (wmayer)
0000257: [Bug] Shaded Display Mode does not work for Sketcher
0000256: [Bug] Bug in Bugtracker :)
0000255: [Bug] Crash on LMB after RMB on line
0000254: [Bug] Attempt to subtract one torus from another crashes or hangs FreeCAD
0000252: [Feature] extrude along normals (yorik)
0000251: [Patch] Rectangular Array patch for Draft workbench.
0000249: [Bug] cleanup Draft icons & translations (yorik)
0000094: [Bug] File overlap in PropertyFileIncluded (Jriegel)
0000168: [Feature] Support custom hatch patterns in the Draft module (yorik)
0000247: [Bug] Crash on Windows with attached minimal file (Jriegel)
0000166: [Bug] edges highlight doesn't work anymore (Jriegel)
0000246: [Bug] Selection of edges in concave areas not possible (wmayer)
0000212: [Feature] Contextual menu "Move to group" in the object list (yorik)
0000242: [Bug] fails with different languages in Wiki (yorik)
0000142: [Feature] Show_tangency_lines in drawing view (Jriegel)
0000239: [Bug] SelectionFilter doesn't check sub-element type (Jriegel)
0000123: [Feature] New defaults (Jriegel)
0000235: [Patch] [PATCH] rotate tool using keyboard input was broken (yorik)
0000013: [Feature] Replace group behavior by Property (Jriegel)
       0000037: [Feature] Change tree group behaviour (wmayer)
0000135: [Feature] Artwork for 0.11 release (yorik)
0000021: [Feature] Reimplementation of Sketch solver (Jriegel)
0000223: [Bug] Polyline in draft - unable to remove first 2 lines (yorik)
0000205: [Feature] Allow to move the text of a dimension (yorik)
0000171: [Bug] Unify Draft keyboard shortcuts (yorik)
0000206: [Feature] Make Draft module use python Drawing Views (yorik)
0000180: [Feature] Allow dxf export of a Drawing sheet (yorik)
0000209: [Feature] Add texture map property to Draft rectangles (yorik)
0000158: [Bug] Draft icons don't appear correctly on windows (yorik)
0000182: [Bug] Bug in Draft DXF export causes some exported faces to loose their last vertex (yorik)
0000186: [Feature] Dimension - edit Value (yorik)
0000172: [Bug] Edit->Preferences: missing big icon for Raytrcing (yorik)
0000181: [Bug] Draft-downgrading a face with a hole only delivers the outer wire, the inner wire(s) is/are lost (yorik)
0000167: [Feature] Add leader object to the Draft module (yorik)
0000170: [Feature] Add visual hint of the current Working Plane (yorik)
0000161: [Bug] Using draft upgrade tool on a wire + arc doesnt produce expected result (yorik)
0000146: [Feature] Add python view feature to the Drawing module (Jriegel)
0000115: [Feature] Create mechanism to ease updating Drawing sheet from the Draft module (yorik)
0000140: [Feature] Dimensioning system in svg drawings (yorik)
0000147: [Feature] Keep Dimension tool active after completing instead of quitting (yorik)
0000139: [Feature] Add Polygon tool to the Draft module (yorik)
0000114: [Feature] Make Draft sendToDrawing command able to output hatch pattern fills and dotted or dashed lines (yorik)
0000125: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when exploring the contents of a Mesh object with the python class browser (yorik)
0000126: [Feature] make text height and face color settings for the Draft module (yorik)
0000113: [Feature] Make Draft objects parametric (yorik)
0000128: [Feature] copy() methode for the TopoShape objects in Part (wmayer)
0000116: [Feature] make an API for the Draft module (yorik)
0000118: [Bug] make Draft transform tools work on groups (yorik)
0000117: [Bug] make Draft Upgrade support non-Draft shapes (yorik)
0000077: [Feature] Add a method to meshes for separating coplanar faces (yorik)
0000079: [Feature] add translation to the Draft module (yorik)
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