Released 2018-04-06
0003350: [Bug] Draft Snapping does not recognize App::Part container (wmayer)
0002792: [Bug] Negative distances measured in feet/inch calculated incorrectly (yorik)
0003058: [Bug] wrong dimension "Snap Points" in Draft WB in Imported hierarchical STEP files (wmayer)
0003347: [Bug] No 'Tick' arrow style among other styles in Draft preferences (wmayer)
0003044: [Bug] Draft -> Chamfer feature Does not work with Closed Dwire (closed multi-point DraftWire) (yorik)
0001939: [Bug] ShapeString with Single Space (wandererfan)
0003258: [Bug] Draft Snap toolbar doesn't display MenuText AKA status bar text when hovering over icons (wmayer)
0003031: [Feature] Draft To Sketch should handle bsplines and beziers (yorik)
0002496: [Bug] DraftGeomUtils.FindWires doesn't find all (yorik)
0002810: [Bug] Keyboard shortcut in Draft (yorik)
0003094: [Bug] ShapeString: Tracking is not a distance but a factor (wandererfan)
0002532: [Bug] Draft line not working if document closed while tool is open (yorik)
0001950: [Bug] If draft grid space is set to zero then drafting draw tools fail.
0002060: [Feature] Create new objects directly in a Group or VisGroup (rockn)
0002591: [Bug] Wrong view of a compound of cylinders
0002690: [Bug] Regression: Mouse snapping to vertices is broken in 0.17.8353
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