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0004445: [Bug] FreeCAD menus and buttons very slow (Linux version) on ChromeOS (GPU Acceleration must be enabled) (Kunda1)
0004543: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when OCC fails with fillets and chamfers (chennes)
0004610: [Bug] OCC's step export pathway generates bad geometry [update: on upstream's OCC 7.6 Roadmap]
0004297: [Bug] invalid syntax in opening document
0004194: [Bug] Can't resize inner windows when a stylesheet is selected.
0003626: [Bug] OpenSCAD causes Multifusion failed with some empty translates
0003896: [Feature] Dependency Graph: Panning
0004588: [Patch] correct non-standard use of sed -i argument in cMake/FindPySide2Tools.cmake (Kunda1)
0004232: [Bug] Recompute failed (SIGSEGV) after editing a cell in a spreadsheet
0003808: [Bug] "2nd length" in "Pocket parameters" shows wrong value when a negative f(x) was defined
0004421: [Patch] Part.CompoundTools.Explode.explodeCompound access a property of a sometimes null object with an error (Kunda1)
0004381: [Bug] OpenSCAD WB icon missing in 2 scenarios (wmayer)
0004451: [Bug] cant open Openscad file *.scad (keithsloan52)
0003991: [Bug] freecad app window not placed properly on screen
0004559: [Bug] [BIM] Nudge tool Text obscured by overlapping arrow and Nudge Custom Value incorrectly spelled "ew nudge value" (Kunda1)
0004563: [Bug] Spreadsheet Workbench - Import/Export Bug (openBrain)
0004021: [Bug] Gesture Navigation style fires additional events on MacOS (DeepSOIC)
0003498: [Feature] Preference categories not showing up if specific workbench has not been visited
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0004535: [Bug] Addon Manager - no access to Macros on github (chennes)
0003330: [Feature] Add custom/foreign addon via repository URLs in addon-manager (chennes)
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0004156: [Feature] [Spreadsheet] Necessarily use of leading '=' to enter an expression (hyarion)
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0003336: [Feature] Tool Data Struture, Library, and Editor overhaul (dubstar_04)
0004557: [Bug] Trying to add tag with dressup causes 'snapper' error in console. (mlampert)
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0004093: [General] Spreadsheet losts Alias-values
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0004796: [Bug] Error in DOCUMENT_TYPE field in TechDraw Ax_Landscape_ISO7200_Pep templates (chennes)
0004549: [Bug] [TD] ArchView only shows objects if section plane cuts through them (yorik)
0004552: [Bug] Changes made via dimension dialog cannot be undone (wmayer)
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