Released 2014-07-01
0000893: [Bug] Fail to upgrade wire to face in drafting module (yorik)
       0000921: [Bug] Upgrading wire to face deletes object (yorik)
0001404: [Patch] Draft Dimension Override string: Non ascii-Characters are not shown in Drawings (yorik)
0001528: [Bug] Undo Wireframe Circle After Delete Generates Solid Disc (yorik)
0001433: [Bug] toolbar symbols of the snap-functions are not show correctly (yorik)
0001443: [Bug] Shapestring Font browser does not work as expected
0001439: [Feature] use DistShapeShape in DraftGeomUtils.findIntersection (yorik)
0001355: [Feature] Cubic Bezier Curve Tool For Draft Workbench (yorik)
0001370: [Merge request] wrong viewBox position of flattened raw svg output (yorik)
0001103: [Feature] Make a DWG importer/exporter based on the teigha convertor (yorik)
0001158: [Bug] Import of 3D-dxf files failes (yorik)
0001100: [Bug] Draft snapping issue with rectangles (yorik)
0001241: [Bug] FreeCAD Windows 32 bit crashes at adding Draft Dimension with Fontsize preset in preferences (yorik)
0000943: [Feature] Add more snap behaviours for walls and structs (yorik)
0000907: [Bug] Some icon buttons are not shown on Draft snap toolbar (yorik)
0000908: [Feature] Allow to lock mouse direction in Draft snapping (yorik)
0001140: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when deleting element in drafter (yorik)
0001195: [Bug] Open DXF - exception when opening file created with Inkscape (yorik)
0001200: [Bug] Draft: DXF exporter doesn't export ellipsoid arcs (yorik)
0001184: [Feature] Support for arc segments in Draft Wires (yorik)
0001151: [Bug] Draft and Arch module load Part module at program start (yorik)
0001092: [Bug] Draft absolute coords should be relative to the WP (yorik)
0000862: [Bug] Draft toolbar doesn't disappear when switching workbenches (yorik)
0001074: [Feature] Add an Ellipse tool (yorik)
0000983: [Feature] Draft module - Add a chamfer property to wires, rectangles and polygons (yorik)
0000999: [Feature] Separate Draft Upgrade and Downgrade (yorik)
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