Released 2013-01-28
0000270: [Feature] Make the Draft offset function working on b-splines (yorik)
0000919: [Bug] Crash on upgrade from wire to face (yorik)
0000892: [Bug] Snap to grid cannot be turned off (yorik)
0000891: [Bug] Snap to intersection doesn't work in draft module (yorik)
0000890: [Bug] exceptions.RefrenceError when doing offset on dwire in draft module (yorik)
0000769: [Bug] Draft Dimension crashes FreeCAD after parameter change (yorik)
0000887: [Bug] Clicking to close b-spline causes seg-fault (yorik)
0000866: [Bug] Converting from draft to sketch - object is lost without error (yorik)
0000820: [Bug] Draft dimensions endpoints appear too big on Drawing pages (yorik)
0000642: [Bug] Bugs in DraftSnap (yorik)
0000715: [Bug] Draft move does not respect working plane (yorik)
0000679: [Bug] Arcs get wrong orientation when exporting to dxf (yorik)
0000634: [Bug] Draft <--> Sketch conversion (yorik)
       0000718: [Bug] Draft to Sketch conversion malfunctions (yorik)
0000742: [Bug] popup window "workbench failure" - "float divide by zero" (yorik)
0000701: [Feature] Rename Draft Wire to dWire (yorik)
0000680: [Bug] Wrong rendering of DXF files (yorik)
0000663: [Bug] Wrong naming scheme for Draft up/downgrade (yorik)
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