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0004115: [Feature] [Feature Request] Ability to change the Crosshair color
0003963: [Bug] Only alpha comma key can be used as decimal separator (openBrain)
0004206: [Bug] Transparency display lost on multicolored object when reloading file (chennes)
0004683: [Bug] Mac Delete button (Backspace) is not recognized within Tools->Customize->Keyboard, only in combination with Fn button
0004825: [Bug] Building with python 3.10 on Arch/Manjaro fails in tests (wmayer)
0003310: [Bug] Application crash when adding a fillet on an edge (SIGSEGV) (Target OCC7.5) (chennes)
0004823: [Bug] Random crashes (SIGSEGV) on MacOS and Linux; Triggered by kicadStepUp (wmayer)
0004291: [Bug] Freecad crashes when creating filet (chennes)
0004078: [Bug] Crash when applying a fillet on a arc. (chennes)
0004076: [Bug] Freecad crashes when using Part Design Chamfer tool on a feature. (chennes)
0004807: [Bug] Freecad crashes when windows username contains special characters (wmayer)
0004744: [Bug] STEP Export/Import Colors Override (chennes)
0004517: [Bug] Units entry missing from .dxf file export. (yorik)
0004495: [Bug] Navigation cube is not clickable at its edges and corners (uwestoehr)
0004649: [Bug] Segmentation fault when clearing an expression in an onChanged handler (wmayer)
0004699: [Bug] ShapeBinder still touched after recompute (wmayer)
0004515: [Feature] Preferences folder misused in Mac version (chrisb)
0001626: [Feature] Transparency not respected when highlighting (chennes)
0004742: [Bug] Editing features by context menu may not be undoable (wmayer)
0004732: [Bug] Mesh repair: self-intersection: co-planar: self-intersection is not detected when intersecting triangles are on the same plane (jnxd)
0004098: [Bug] FreeCAD should not exit if unable to rename backup file to project file while exiting (wmayer)
0002397: [Feature] Select All Children of Object in Tree View of Combo View (uwestoehr)
0004790: [Bug] App totally closes when trying to Select all constraints using Cmd + A (openBrain)
0004795: [Bug] Tools: small bug fix (yorik)
0004791: [Bug] DXF import fails for trivial circle (wmayer)
0002956: [Feature] wishlist: use $XDG_DATA_HOME/freecad for system.cfg and user.cfg (wmayer)
0004776: [Bug] Cannot Manually Recompute Anymore if "Skip Recomputes" is Enabled (chennes)
0004777: [Feature] See your changes in spreadsheets without needing to recompute (chennes)
0004733: [Feature] Add the ability to test the translation from Crowdin in the FreeCAD interface on Windows OS (chennes)
0004536: [Bug] Export file - name (chennes)
0004072: [Bug] Addon manager python exception and lockup (module 'git' has no attribute 'Repo') (yorik)
0004622: [Bug] OpenSCAD/OpenSCADTest/app/ assertion failure (chennes)
0004353: [Bug] parameters of rotate_extrude in CSG files and openscad workbench are ignored (chennes)
0004599: [Bug] Build 24276 0.19 Release breaks Stylesheet theming Comboview Proprerty QTabBar theming on Windows (chennes)
0004565: [Bug] Status bar text runs under Navigation Button (wmayer)
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0004236: [Bug] Placement.Rotation.Axis in expressions requires multiple recomputes after changes (wmayer)
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0002204: [Bug] Crash when unioning toruses (upstream OCC bug) (wmayer)
0004665: [Bug] Part/projection tool : Unhandled unknown exception caught when mouse gets over a datum plane (wmayer)
0004764: [Bug] Suppressing the B-splines on which the scan operation depends will always cause a crash (chennes)
0003954: [Bug] 2D Offset crashes with particular model (chennes)
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0004704: [Bug] [Path] Arrays are not included in the Path Simulation (russ4262)
0004817: [Bug] CAM Simulator fails (sliptonic)
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0004578: [General] Strings in the UI that aren't being translated (Kunda1)
0003205: [General] TravisCI to check spelling of submitted Pull Requests to FC repo
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0004803: [Bug] spreadsheet: the alias content is not visible (black on black) (chennes)
0002957: [Feature] please add spreadsheet direct printing (wmayer)
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0004836: [Feature] Detail View Matting is too Large (wandererfan)
0004486: [Bug] Detail view is empty if the object is not a solid (wandererfan)
0004485: [Feature] Feature request: please add an option to supress trailing zeros on all Tech Draw dimensions (wandererfan)
0004741: [Bug] Broken File After Using Landmark Dimension in TechDraw (wandererfan)
0004755: [Bug] Copying a section view segfaults (wmayer)
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