Released 2015-04-05
0001638: [Bug] Not possible to draw anything. (wmayer)
0001659: [Bug] 3dconnexion space navigator moves view even when FreeCAD is not the active application
0001714: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.14 Stable crashes when importing a step model (wmayer)
0001700: [Feature] do not raise (pythons) base Exception (shoogen)
0001750: [Bug] install update from daily build fails, dpkg aborts
0002115: [Bug] Snapping to grid breaks undo functionality
0001949: [Bug] Crash when open a dialog box or drawing.
0002153: [Bug] Undo does not work for "Measure Distance" (wmayer)
0001959: [General] 3DConnexion 3D mouse not detected (wmayer)
0002048: [Bug] FreeCAD crash when opening FCSTD file containing a spreadsheet (wmayer)
0002030: [Feature] Export: Remember the last used file type (wmayer)
0002019: [Bug] SpaceNav control active without application focus (wmayer)
0002011: [Bug] Cut with an array does not work if the patterns overlay. Calculation is very long, and the result is incorrect. (ickby)
0001149: [Bug] Imposible to use wacom tablet (shoogen)
0001962: [Bug] Appearance does not store the Material property (wmayer)
0001948: [Bug] Python types for shapes return wrong names (shoogen)
0001545: [Bug] Folders with tick in the name cannot be opened
0001027: [Bug] UTF-8 encoded PyString objects are used instead of unicode objects to pass unicode data to the python interpreter (shoogen)
0001482: [Feature] v0.14 Mirrored objects parent the original object (wmayer)
0001821: [Bug] ASCII - ARCH SURVEY - Modification 5912342e failed on 32 bits SUSE 12.3 or 13.1 (yorik)
0001766: [Feature] There is no GUI to set the default License and Company (yorik)
0001767: [Bug] Added an angular dimension and it doesn't work (yorik)
0001015: [Feature] (Version 0.13) New parts are not created within the selected group
0001555: [Bug] On load imported VRML objects are positioned at (0,0,0) (wmayer)
0001784: [Bug] Not correct placement Vrml 3D at open file (wmayer)
0000974: [Bug] Lock-up during Polar Pattern transformation
0000977: [Bug] Slow performance when transforming a pattern
0001645: [Patch] Patch build system to use system smesh
0001483: [Bug] Bad Behavior in Part Design After Bug Fix. (wmayer)
0001759: [Bug] python interface allows to break sketches by invalid GeomIds
0001212: [Feature] 3D text
0001748: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when importing step file (wmayer)
0001607: [Feature] Arch.makeRoof optional angle parameters for each base edge whished (yorik)
0001769: [Bug] Models don't load as solids in Sprutcam (wmayer)
0000580: [Bug] problem cutting away a particular sphere from a particular cylinder (wmayer)
0000954: [Bug] Helix height cannot exceed 55.87mm (wmayer)
0001814: [Bug] Part Design > involute Gear Broken (wmayer)
0001780: [Bug] Picture in image view disappears when creating a 3d view (wmayer)
0001800: [Bug] Redraw does not work with MSAA Anti-Aliasing selected (wmayer)
0001763: [Feature] use UTF8 for filenames (shoogen)
0001735: [Bug] Ellipsoids visibility problems (wmayer)
0001779: [Bug] memory leak. (wmayer)
0001728: [Feature] Sketcher Elements widget - add in handling of elements linked to external geometry (abdullah)
0001731: [Bug] spreadsheet csv import/export - path with umlauts (shoogen)
0001694: [Bug] customizing multiple keys shortcut doesn't work (yorik)
0001627: [Bug] Dash instead of minus in dialogs/fields (Jriegel)
0001695: [Merge request] reset the console color between every message (shoogen)
0001575: [Feature] Patch SMESH not to link against TKAdvTools (shoogen)
0001564: [Feature] Add python function for GUI verison of Command::doCommand (yorik)
0000490: [Feature] Inbuilt scripts (macros) - better GUI access (yorik)
0001552: [Bug] Sketcher lines on construction lines are not selectable
0001574: [Merge request] Patch SMESH to work against new NCollection (wmayer)
0001578: [Bug] Wiki: Cannot create account or log in (yorik)
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