Scheduled For Release 2021-02-18
0004581: [Bug] Transformed object becomes invisible after sucessful multi transformation (uwestoehr)
0004567: [Bug] Pattern from a feature type UpToFace and Offset > copy whole body (wmayer)
0004457: [Bug] Crash when selecting a line or face and then "select reference" while trying to Revolve
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0002497: [Bug] Changing dimension 40.001 to a value <= 40 (and > 30) gets the expected behavior. More than 40 gets the the buggy one
0003938: [Bug] Polar Pattern "transformed shapes do not intersect support" (upstream OCC bug)
0004523: [Bug] Crash (SIGSEGV) when moving elements of a constrained sketch
0003600: [Feature] Improve PartDesign Transformation features performance
       0003527: [Feature] Unable to edit linear Patterns
0004378: [Bug] Crash after changing a pocket-size
0001262: [Feature] Smart tools for part design (Grow, Lattice, Snap&Lock, Split to mill, Convert to Frame, Puzzle)
0001801: [Feature] Ball corner
0001802: [Feature] Add Devil (rounded, angled and tapered contact surface with a round hole in it)
0001987: [Feature] Map a sketch to a face behaviour improvement
0002037: [Feature] Fillet to maximum possible value
0002220: [Feature] Extrude contours (sketch regions).
0002510: [Feature] Request for attachment mode for a plane on a cylinder etc.
0003067: [Feature] Add Mirror body tool to PartDesign
0003177: [Feature] Part Design Pad should allow besides "Up to face" something like "Up to plane" as well
0003269: [Feature] Draft from Loft doesn't work.
0003301: [Feature] Container for intersections
0003751: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes on Loft creation when master-sketch added as a section
0003889: [Feature] Dragging a PartDesign object to a body should not create a BaseFeature in all cases
0003893: [Feature] Counterbore and countersink with top clearance
0003905: [Bug] Editing unlinked parts of a sketch breaks other sketches that have edges linked to it
0001742: [Feature] Add Reverse Fillet Tool or Option in Part / Part Design
0003060: [Feature] More streamlined UI for adding edges and faces (e.g. for PD Fillet tool)
       0003297: [Feature] Part Design usability improvement for selection of Sweep Path (abdullah)
0003171: [Feature] Advanced filleting options
0003942: [Feature] Using "Tab" to cycle thru properties, go up to the first once we get to the last.
0003943: [Bug] Disable auto hide solid option when entering Sketch edit mode sets and leaves solid hidden
0004039: [Bug] MapSketch tool in PartDesign creates cyclic dependencies by offering Sketches their own axis planes
0004040: [Bug] lack of error message on failing to pad sketch
0004135: [Feature] Add PartDesign Common operations
0004211: [Bug] PartDesign Pad 'Up to face' has issues when selecting a ShapeBinder's or Binder's face
0004267: [Bug] adding primitives changes body coordinate system
0004300: [Feature] Part object, if not at origin, moves to global origin when moved to Part Design Body
0004334: [Feature] Thicken sketch
0004412: [Bug] Pockets into a circular hole and refining object damages the object structure
0004417: [Bug] Additive/Subtractive Pipe while in wireframe view leaves multiple features visible
0004484: [Bug] ShapeBinder can or not be padded depending on pad type
0004498: [Bug] Loft between sketches with inner and outer elements created in different order results in bad 3D geometry
0002003: [Feature] Embossing/imprinting an FC logo directly to a solid model
0003799: [Feature] Improve the "Create a hole in the selected sketch" task (remember previous task settings)
0004129: [Bug] Crash on setting certain dimensions in a sketch (Upstream OCC bug) (abdullah)
0001190: [Feature] Option for PolarPattern to obey individual UpToFirst/UpToLast/UpToFace pad features for each instance.
0004308: [Bug] 5 standard options are missing in the PartDesign Tree view context menu.
0001646: [Bug] TCollection_IndexedDataMap::FindFromKey error when sweeping along BezierCurve (upstream OCC bug)
0002461: [Bug] Crash when creating loft between two sketches
0003425: [Bug] Boolean operation in PDN fails depending on placement of one of the parts
0004574: [Bug] PartDesign Boolean Cut: attempted translation along X-axis causes unexpected rotation
0003977: [Bug] Fillet feature fails on solid obtained by revolution
0000622: [Feature] Add taper angle feature in pad and pocket
0003115: [Feature] Reassign pad or pocket on complete face (AKA Extend editor to allow to re-assign a different value for Profile property)
0003770: [Feature] Scripted references to body origin planes
0003888: [Bug] Moving object in body causes cyclic dependencies
0003975: [Bug] Specific pocket fails with solid obtained by revolution
0004029: [Bug] Pocket operation yields invalid result with "Refine = True"
0004061: [Bug] Weird behavior in Placement dialog when using "center of mass" with Datum Plane
0000938: [Bug] Fillet can not round a face (upstream OCC bug) (wmayer)
       0001192: [Feature] Full round fillet
0002325: [Bug] Pad -> Fillet -> Apply Thickness causes crash (upstream OCC bug) (abdullah)
0000876: [Feature] Topological naming interface (realthunder)
       0002755: [Bug] Order of external edges may change
0003998: [Feature] Fillet tool not showing which edge/face fails (abdullah)
0001567: [Feature] Request for Ability to Trim Surfaces in Part and Part Design WB's (wmayer)
0001942: [Feature] Allow optical+physical material properties in addition to RGB color specification (eivindkvedalen)
0002863: [Feature] Add Mirror body feature to PartDesign (ickby)
0003028: [Feature] [PartDesign] Per face colors and keeping colors when adding a feature (abdullah)
0003065: [Bug] Part::checkIntersection returns false negatives preventing functioning of PDN Mirror transformation when faces just touch
0003151: [Bug] Renaming elements in the DataTab can make Expressions invalid (eivindkvedalen)
0003186: [Bug] Reference select dialog needs to be reworked (ickby)
0003195: [Feature] Make Transformation tool available for GeoFeatureGroups (ickby)
0003500: [Feature] Adding Interpolating Spline feature to Sketcher/PartDesign (abdullah)
0003149: [Bug] Duplicate body creates a mess (ickby)
0003608: [Feature] Fillets with variable radius (wmayer)
0003949: [Bug] PartDesign Loft test failures on i386 (kkremitzki)
0004808: [Bug] "Part Design" > "Hole" > "Model Thread" > "Thread Depth" > "Dimension" (uwestoehr)
0003818: [Feature] PartDesign Hole Depth Dimension should provide the option not to take the angled drill point type into account (uwestoehr)
0003331: [Feature] PartDesign: update wiki pages to reference changes in 0.17 (normandc)
0003830: [Bug] Features loose colors set with "Set colors" on file saving
0003679: [Bug] Polar pattern not working on a midplane pocket (upstream OCC bug) (chrisb)
0003142: [Bug] Crash creating fillets on sweep (OCC bug) (chennes)
0004518: [Bug] Segfault in some models when making chamfer or fillet (on macos) (chennes)
0004487: [Bug] Crash on changing Fillet Radius (OCC issue to be retested with OCC > 7.5) (chennes)
0004319: [Bug] Segfault removing edge from sketch (chennes)
0003970: [Bug] crash when adding chamfer to an additive primitive (chennes)
0004607: [Bug] Can't loft to a Point object in Part Design (jnxd)
0004785: [Bug] UI broken for padding and pocketing direction when the base is a face (uwestoehr)
0004786: [Feature] missing Offset option for pockets (uwestoehr)
0003370: [Bug] Datum Plane in Sketcher often switches to opaque Yellow when selecting external Geometry. (chennes)
0003927: [Bug] Refine of PartDesign Sweep does nothing (chrisb)
0004139: [Bug] v0.18-16131 - Macro - SubtractivePipe attached path object issues after macro executed. (wmayer)
0004365: [Bug] UI click event triggered twice
0002522: [Bug] part design fillet and chamfer tool will not reproduce same edge# or face# (realthunder)
0002188: [Bug] Modifying a pocket sketch destroys orientation and position of another pocket (realthunder)
0001765: [Bug] Fillet object not updated after change to underlying sketch (realthunder)
0001625: [Bug] change something old in the design tree didn't update the latest result (realthunder)
0000794: [Bug] External reference in sketch changes
0004205: [Bug] Bad behavior when entering manually PD/AdditivePipe path (wmayer)
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