Released 2011-01-06
0000474: [Bug] Wrong background of SVG pixmaps (wmayer)
0000499: [Bug] Crash during close of tab with mouse event attached
0000497: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when calling Part.makeFilledFace with list of lines (wmayer)
0000468: [Bug] Sketcher: Crash on undoing inside the polyline tool (logari81)
0000316: [Bug] modifying arc in sketcher will lead to a crash
0000488: [Bug] python console: buggy CallTips completion for members, starting with underscore ('_')
0000476: [Bug] DXF problem (yorik)
0000482: [Bug] Exporting to DXF causes zero vector length exception (yorik)
0000484: [Bug] Try to change the macro location causes crash.
0000276: [Feature] Stringent user interface behavior (Jriegel)
       0000084: [Feature] Start Workbench (Jriegel)
       0000112: [Feature] Make python workbenches able to handle edit mode (Jriegel)
       0000111: [Feature] Make the task panel accessible from python (wmayer)
0000277: [Feature] Further Development in PartDesign (Jriegel)
       0000278: [Feature] Developing Sketcher (Jriegel)
             0000281: [Feature] Fix constraint (Jriegel)
             0000280: [Feature] Sketcher construction line (Jriegel)
             0000279: [Feature] Arc in Sketcher (Jriegel)
             0000284: [Bug] Fails to obey three lines with one point constrains after point constraint obtimize (Jriegel)
             0000285: [Feature] Deletion of constraints and geometry
0000356: [Feature] Switch from QSvg to QWebKit
0000460: [Bug] exporting *stl files from File -> Export
0000469: [Feature] Sketcher: Strange axes behavior (Jriegel)
0000473: [Bug] Draft preferences for tolerance are not applied or saved correctly. (yorik)
0000470: [Bug] Sketcher: The 'Fit Content to the Screen' must ignore not-user-created entities
0000472: [Bug] Arch Icons
0000463: [Bug] a pad fails to produce a valid solid from a valid sketch
0000457: [Bug] Fails to remember toolbar icon size
0000433: [Bug] Use of Pad/Pocket on some sketch profiles disables selection/preselection highlighting (wmayer)
0000454: [Bug] Illegal storage access crash when canceling pad
0000452: [Feature] in "Part" added create "vertex" to the create primitives dialgue gui
0000450: [Patch] new Icons for Part Work Bench, Ruled Surface, Shape Info, and Create Primitives
0000216: [Feature] FreeCAD hangs on various operations (wmayer)
0000442: [Feature] abstract Draft modifiers and add them in preferences (yorik)
0000373: [Bug] 2d Drafting bug - Should not allow the deletion of an object that is currently being drawn (yorik)
0000224: [Feature] Turn the Draft workplane marker into something more powerful (yorik)
       0000202: [Feature] Add snap-to-grid functionality to the draft module (yorik)
0000233: [Feature] build an OBJ exporter that respects Part Faces (yorik)
0000365: [Bug] Coincident+ tangent constrain doesn't work well (Sketcher) (Jriegel)
0000314: [Feature] extend Draft snap (yorik)
       0000331: [Feature] More snap tools (yorik)
0000380: [Bug] Non-XY Draft Dimensions are not displaying correctly when put on a Drawing View (yorik)
0000447: [Patch] Bugfix: Draft - Trim / Extend (yorik)
0000444: [Bug] makePipe: unwanted twisting of section along helix used as wire
0000443: [Bug] PartDesign - change axis issue
0000422: [Bug] Sketcher inverts horizontal and vertical constraints in YZ plane (Jriegel)
0000441: [Bug] Possible manipulator/dragger bug (wmayer)
0000364: [Bug] Draft Shift-constrain doesn't respect working plane (yorik)
0000440: [Feature] Produces a 2D view of an object in the document, not on a Drawing page (yorik)
0000438: [Bug] Subselection don't work on PythonFeature objects (wmayer)
0000362: [Bug] In Draft edit mode, snapping a control point snaps to itself first, preventing snapping to anything else (yorik)
0000268: [Feature] moving the "amount of corners" list box to another place (yorik)
0000312: [Feature] make Draft objects subclasses of Part2D objects (yorik)
       0000293: [Feature] make Draft objects usable with PartDesign (yorik)
0000341: [Bug] print or type set margin error (yorik)
0000361: [Bug] Draft editmode is not closed properly when deleting an object (yorik)
0000379: [Feature] Make the Draft SVG importer treat BSplines (yorik)
0000320: [Feature] Allow extruding faces on parts (yorik)
0000366: [Feature] Add an option to select base objects after Draft copy operation (yorik)
0000401: [Bug] Trimex doesn't work with arcs (yorik)
0000375: [Bug] Mac Interface window style setting not saved (wmayer)
0000307: [Bug] missing Mod search path in OS X build
0000352: [Feature] Boolean operations on faces (Jriegel)
0000426: [Bug] Sketcher:: Create polyline, perform Undo whilst adding lineSegment or wire and then adding another wire crashes (Jriegel)
0000428: [Bug] Sketcher: trying to drag a solved & locked sketch crashes FreeCAD (logari81)
0000329: [Feature] OpenCollada interface (yorik)
0000409: [Feature] Drawing objects by clicking in the 3Dview (yorik)
0000435: [Bug] Sketcher: Auto constrains add one coincident constraint too many to a closed polyline
0000408: [Bug] Missing attribute radius on Edit>Duplicate selection for circle
0000357: [Bug] 'Duplicate Selection' not copying all attributes (wmayer)
0000228: [Bug] Another preselection highlight bug (Jriegel)
0000072: [Feature] Use color information from STEP format (Jriegel)
0000432: [Bug] Deleting Radius Crashes
0000424: [Bug] Sketcher: Using right click menu prevents receiving selectionChanged messages
0000339: [Feature] Keep separable IGES geometry
0000264: [Bug] Drawing View for fused cube+cylinder and cube+sphere not shown correctly
0000322: [Bug] View of Pad in Drawing looks weird
0000423: [Feature] make the startpage translatable (yorik)
0000326: [Bug] cosmetics (yorik)
0000386: [Feature] Arch module - Mesh to Arch conversion (yorik)
0000388: [Feature] Arch module - allow to add/remove arch objects from cells (yorik)
0000183: [Feature] Allow solid to have different colors for every face (Jriegel)
0000421: [Bug] Sketcher Module: Undo command after creating geometry with constraints e.g. polyline / rectange crashes (Jriegel)
0000296: [Bug] Untranslatable header of task watchers (Jriegel)
0000338: [Feature] allow snapping in skatcher (Jriegel)
0000360: [Feature] copy visual attributes on parametric operations
0000294: [Feature] Make offset work on open polylines (yorik)
0000413: [Feature] Allow to subclass python extension classes inside python
0000419: [Feature] PDF print feature always defaults to same directory
0000418: [Bug] Sketcher - When pading I get unclosed shape
0000420: [Bug] Loading a sketch after a save fails.
0000417: [Bug] FreeCad does not compile with eigen 3.0.1
0000283: [Bug] Fix build-systems
0000411: [Bug] v0.12 b4693
0000392: [Bug] Sketch shows different shabe as pad
0000346: [Bug] Sketch, pad and pocket look weird on mirrored shapes
0000407: [Bug] Robot module doesn't compile with Eigen3 (Jriegel)
0000399: [Bug] cannot use macros with non-standard names
0000406: [Bug] Translated Solids move before Boolean (wmayer)
0000092: [Feature] Surface modelling (wmayer)
0000393: [Bug] Povray export seems to work on active object only (wmayer)
0000376: [Feature] Additional 3D navigation modes
0000372: [Bug] 2D drafting crash
0000368: [Feature] Choose a more intuitive naming scheme for duplicated objects (wmayer)
0000370: [Bug] user.cfg problem
0000369: [Feature] Useful extension of the show/hide functionality (wmayer)
0000363: [Bug] Problem exporting in STEP format
0000349: [Feature] Using thumbnail for FreeCAD document icon
0000253: [Feature] Implement alternative CAD navigation style (wmayer)
0000347: [Feature] Update CATIA-like rotation for CAD navigation
0000321: [Bug] Error on loading a document with a drawing (Jriegel)
0000345: [Bug] freecad won't compile with gcc 4.6: undefined reference to `Gui::
0000344: [Bug] Freecad does not compile with gcc 4.6.0 because of missing include in zipios++/directory.h
0000310: [Bug] Shift does not work for distances (yorik)
0000225: [Bug] bugs in Draft Scale (yorik)
0000236: [Feature] make Draft copy keep dependency relationships of their original object (yorik)
0000187: [Feature] Dimension of angles and radiuses/diameters (yorik)
0000238: [Feature] Group Spline/Wire AddPoint and DelPoint tools inside Edit mode (yorik)
0000342: [Feature] Change the Draft upgrade behaviour to produce a more intelligent Group object (yorik)
0000332: [Bug] Automatic workplanes when drawing against a surface (yorik)
0000343: [Feature] Transfer Draft objects SVG properties to their DrawingView objects (yorik)
0000333: [Feature] Turntable camera rotation
0000334: [Feature] toolbar size option (wmayer)
0000311: [Feature] add a button to the Report View to switch on/off the redirection of python errors (yorik)
0000313: [Feature] allow Part Extrude to extrude in the direction of the face normal
0000317: [Bug] moving of arc does not work properly (logari81)
0000259: [Bug] Can't select points in Sketcher (Jriegel)
0000151: [Feature] support 3DFACES in dxf import & export (yorik)
       0000308: [Bug] Exported dxf totally broken when re-importing (yorik)
0000315: [Bug] New Circle tool in Sketcher causes problems editing Pad and Pocket features (wmayer)
0000302: [Feature] rename box (wmayer)
0000304: [Bug] Sketcher Crashes after you delete all lines, but leave few constraints.
0000184: [Feature] Export color information to STEP (AP214)
0000295: [Bug] STEP AP214 export crashes FreeCAD on win7 (Jriegel)
0000260: [Feature] BSpline does not want on a "Drawing sheet" (wmayer)
0000267: [Bug] Undo/redo of custom python objects doesn't work (wmayer)
0000218: [Bug] CPU 100% when snapping (yorik)
       0000266: [Bug] Snapping + Ctrl does not work in 3D (yorik)
0000265: [Feature] Move the "Copy" check box to another place (yorik)
0000262: [Feature] move the "Filled" check box to another place (yorik)
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