Released 2016-04-01
0002238: [Bug] Python: Environment Variable 'path' with mutated vowel (german: Umlaut [äöüß]) (wmayer)
0002358: [Bug] can not import .csg file (yorik)
0002352: [Bug] Spreadsheet bugs (eivindkvedalen)
0002056: [Feature] Support silent (de)installation using NSIS (wmayer)
0002036: [Bug] Part Extrude with Taper Angle != 0 Fails (Kunda1)
0002473: [Feature] Spreadsheet - additional syntax for aggregate functions (eivindkvedalen)
0002050: [Bug] FreeCAD freezes when adding a Draft Dimension (yorik)
       0002057: [Bug] BoundBox.h doesn't work with 2D objects (wmayer)
0001963: [Bug] Only write needed user data in FCSTD file if any. (wmayer)
0002023: [Bug] Application Crash
0000927: [Patch] [V0.13] Update text description in debian/control file (normandc)
0001898: [Bug] Drawing workbench draws cylinder in orthographic projection wrong
0001979: [Bug] external geometry reference point forgotten in sketch constraints
0002245: [Bug] BRep File cannot be written (wmayer)
0002574: [Bug] Error when trying to use Polar Pattern Feature (sgrogan)
0002521: [Bug] SIGSEGV when trying to revert to saved file. (wmayer)
0002414: [Merge request] Implement continuous integration for Mac OS X builds (blacey)
0001323: [Bug] Imported .step parts disappear after save/reopen
0002483: [Bug] Undo in spreadsheet breaks alias linkage (eivindkvedalen)
0002476: [Bug] [v0.16] Stylesheets not packaged into Windows builds
0002440: [Bug] 0.16 Build rev 6395 Several display issues (wmayer)
0002466: [Bug] Sketcher sign issue with Expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0002433: [Bug] Window weirdness after changing constraint value in sketcher (wmayer)
0002273: [Bug] Part: Chamfer edges and fillet edges dialog does not "remember" the type (wmayer)
0002468: [Bug] freecad-0.15.4671/src/Base/Handle.cpp:61: bad test ? (wmayer)
0002202: [Bug] Crash when selecting an item in Model Tree (wmayer)
0002376: [Bug] FreeCAD Unable to Save Files Properly
0002154: [Bug] Crash on delete measurements (every time for me) (wmayer)
0002223: [Bug] Units not displaying correctly (wmayer)
0002200: [Bug] Application crash when modifying fillet (wmayer)
0002049: [Bug] 0.15 and 0.16 Part Revolve ignores unit accuracy setting beyond 2 decimals (wmayer)
0001996: [Bug] Fillet radius assumes metric even after all preferences and defaults changed to english (wmayer)
0002443: [Feature] Path - make Path Workbench translatable (yorik)
0002450: [Bug] FreeCAD v0.16 (development), Addons installer installs addons, but dialog hangs. (yorik)
0002388: [Bug] Spreadsheet::SheetObserver::slotChangedObject(const App::DocumentObject&, const App::Property&): Assertion `name != 0` (eivindkvedalen)
0000987: [Feature] Trigonometric Functions in Sketch module
0002451: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes on selecting Mirrowed Part
0002389: [Bug] Crash systematic on the 10th sketch when employing a cavity. (eivindkvedalen)
0002442: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.16: Expressions accross files are not saved (eivindkvedalen)
0002436: [Bug] Crash when using mirror tool on items made with freecad prior to at least rev5808 (eivindkvedalen)
0002418: [Bug] Draft.scale causes segfault. (eivindkvedalen)
0002420: [Bug] error with ccx_2.9
0002445: [Feature] Add link to the Help:Formatting page on the Editing page in the Wiki (yorik)
0001437: [Feature] Global parameters
0002417: [Bug] console autocomplete runs python properties (wmayer)
0002355: [Bug] spreadsheet slows down when among several objects (eivindkvedalen)
0002407: [Bug] References to other spreadsheets only work with their original default names (eivindkvedalen)
0002402: [Bug] Ambiguous alias names (eivindkvedalen)
0002176: [Feature] 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator only works on self-build FreeCAD (ian.rees)
0002002: [Bug] Mesh Faces Not Conforming With Tessellation Settings (ian.rees)
0002138: [Feature] Arch - improvements to axes (yorik)
0002175: [Bug] Arch - Base sketch of walls is not placed in the current working plane (yorik)
0002208: [Bug] DXF output error - problem with arcs (yorik)
0002326: [Feature] Arch - make base walls independent from windows (yorik)
0002276: [Feature] Drawing::PythonFeatureView (yorik)
0002372: [Bug] Application terminates on attempt to change external geometry from a sketch (wmayer)
0002373: [Bug] When Measuring in the distance between two external geometry Freecad crashes (wmayer)
0001805: [Feature] Spreadsheet - Allow to place a spreadsheet on a Drawing sheet (yorik)
0002205: [Feature] Draft - Recode a DXF importer in C++ (yorik)
0002394: [Feature] Help menu (website/documentation/forum) does not open localized pages (yorik)
0002391: [Bug] DXF export not working (yorik)
0002390: [Bug] VRML exporter using invalid names
0002385: [Feature] unable to set value higher than 99.99 on Distance value in Part->Cross Sections (wmayer)
0002347: [Bug] freecad fails to build with Boost 1.60.0 (wmayer)
0001956: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.14.370x hangs when attempting to edit sketch containing ellipse (wmayer)
0001854: [Bug] Draft Clone of Sketch, selection of sketch mistakenly produces a Pad on the Draft Clone
0002177: [Bug] Draft: Problems in DXF export of Drawing pages (yorik)
0001989: [Bug] "Open recent" not saved until exit. (wmayer)
0002047: [Feature] Don't register recent files which can't be opened (wmayer)
0001831: [Bug] FreeCAD can start only once (wmayer)
0001998: [Bug] For 32 px and 48 px the icons with a submenu in toolbars are not display at the good size. (wmayer)
0002065: [Merge request] DXF Drawing Templates (yorik)
0001974: [Bug] Building problem nad outdated README.linux - it's not clear how to build FreeCAD (yorik)
0002075: [Bug] Analysis of FreeCAD by PVS-Studio static analyzer (wmayer)
0002085: [Bug] Only one Toolbar Separator (wmayer)
0002084: [Bug] Didnt work button Help (yorik)
0002108: [Feature] Add OpenCascade navigation style (wmayer)
0002119: [Bug] can not add parts and set constrains in active Assembly (ickby)
0002120: [Bug] can not add parts and set constrains in active Assembly (ickby)
0002095: [Feature] Arch - Assembly object (yorik)
0002116: [Bug] FreeCAD crash when I click on treeview (wmayer)
0002134: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when the window is restored and a plot is shown (wmayer)
0002140: [Bug] Intersection operation does not work (ickby)
0002149: [Bug] Arch - fix char encoding in IFC importer (yorik)
0001322: [Bug] Multple python versions in debian causing Python 2.6 (earlier Python version) linking and failing to install FreeCAD (wmayer)
0002040: [Feature] Revert to saved (yorik)
0002179: [Bug] Appdata screenshot link is incorrect (yorik)
0002159: [Bug] Crash with DIV/0 exception (yorik)
0002216: [Bug] Crash when exporting to OBJ from an imported STEP file (yorik)
0002221: [Bug] FreeCADGui.export([object], "test.wrl") doesn't export object if it's not selected (wmayer)
0002229: [Bug] some ttf fonts make Draft.makeShapeString crash (wandererfan)
0002166: [Bug] Sketch to Draft DWire Not Making Face (yorik)
0002062: [Bug] svg size different on import (yorik)
0002219: [Bug] Exporting to DAE from STEP import crashes on these files. (yorik)
0002258: [Bug] Silent uninstall blocks on MessageBox (wmayer)
0001941: [Bug] Refresh Property Editor (wmayer)
0002197: [Bug] Buggy Placement dialog when using Euler angles (wmayer)
0002160: [Bug] Customised keyboard shortcuts: "D", "U" conflic (wmayer)
0002209: [Bug] Files that have a dot in name do not get the extension (wmayer)
0002222: [Bug] Number of normals in exported VRML is wrong (wmayer)
0002106: [Feature] Add "Default" option in Preferences (wmayer)
0002117: [Bug] problems with rendering an arc - NAN (wmayer)
0002150: [Bug] [Ctrl]+[Z] is buffered in a non-intuitive way, does not function in "edit mode" (wmayer)
0001238: [Feature] Preferences: set temp files directory (wmayer)
0001237: [Bug] the project file is not saved when the " /tmp " directory is full, but the user is not aware of it (wmayer)
0002126: [Bug] Fails to load .FCStd file which contains many MultiByte-Char strings (wmayer)
0001368: [Bug] Subclassing Matrix silently fails (wmayer)
0002291: [Feature] Invalid sketch warning should allow to directly open sketch validation tool (wmayer)
0002306: [Patch] Allow *.py files in the Customize/Macros/Macro dropdown (wmayer)
0002321: [Bug] Build failure on current (71be79e) master (wmayer)
0002328: [General] Typo in (wmayer)
0002318: [Bug] can't extrude "R" like sketch to solid (jmaustpc)
0002329: [Bug] remove the 2 now obsolete Pivy versions distributed with FreeCAD source code (wmayer)
0001652: [Feature] Proper support of units for all geometric primitives (wmayer)
0001860: [Feature] Can not open a FreeCAD project in FreeCAD by double-clicking the project file on Macintosh (wmayer)
0000026: [Feature] Kuka post processor (Jriegel)
0002000: [Feature] Arch - allow to create a wall without baseline with the GUI (yorik)
0001993: [Bug] Draft - Unable to offset arcs with numerical value (yorik)
0002186: [Bug] Crash when changing window hole depth in arch module (yorik)
0002215: [Feature] Draft - Mirror tool (yorik)
0002339: [Bug] Arch - edit mode of Space object doesn't work anymore (yorik)
0002198: [Bug] Draft interference with freehand placement (yorik)
0002340: [Feature] Draft - Ability to subdivide a draft rectangle (yorik)
0001975: [Bug] Draft - DraftGeomUtils.offsetWire() gives wrong results when wire contains arcs (yorik)
0002315: [Bug] Mirror Sketch - error pops up "can't find property" (abdullah)
0002293: [Bug] Eigen2 support is deprecated in Eigen 3.2.x and it will be removed in Eigen 3.3. (yorik)
0002301: [Bug] Spreadsheet Tab button behaviour inconsistent (eivindkvedalen)
0002331: [Bug] Sphere Radius does not follow Units Preference (wmayer)
0002284: [Bug] Tangency (co-linear) constraint behavior is inconsistent and confusing. (abdullah)
0002272: [Bug] QuantitySpinbox sets wrong sizeHint (ickby)
0002286: [Bug] Negative value nedded to increase sketchere contraint in positive direction (abdullah)
0001098: [Feature] Add ability to use variables and forumulas (abdullah)
0002278: [Bug] Python auto-completer crashes FreeCAD (Ubuntu Daily) (wmayer)
0002274: [Bug] numpad edition for size, position failed (wmayer)
0000175: [Feature] Auto save function (wmayer)
0002053: [Feature] Support of themes (wmayer)
0002152: [Bug] ascii codec cant decode byte 0xcf (wmayer)
0002203: [Bug] Incorrect document is activated when working with multiple parts/documents (wmayer)
0002122: [Feature] sketcher - copy lines is not possible (abdullah)
0002212: [Bug] Commit e744114 (-Wall) introduces build error on openSUSE
0002237: [Bug] In 0.16 Rev 5432 (Git) Entering numbers is garbled, after first digit cursor jumps to end of field (yorik)
0002192: [Feature] Add units support to the editor of PropertyVector (yorik)
0000101: [Feature] Feature to generate NC code (yorik)
0002193: [Bug] Crash when adding a window to a wall (yorik)
0001450: [Bug] model refine corrupts solid with spherical edges. (tanderson69)
0002163: [Bug] Crash when deleting a connected line in the sketcher (abdullah)
0001868: [Feature] expose BRepExtrema_ShapeProximity to python (shoogen)
0002099: [Bug] Spreadsheet: Subtraction and Power Expression Parsing
0002161: [Bug] 0.16.5111 External Geometry Bug (abdullah)
0002058: [Feature] Add the possibility to refresh the Graph Dependency
0002130: [Feature] add hint whether registration for wiki is possible on login page (yorik)
0002144: [Patch] Error message trying to open/edit a spreadsheet from the Python console/script (yorik)
0002109: [Bug] Matrix4D - add missing constructor body (wmayer)
0002014: [Bug] Part offset with fill option produces an invalid shape (tanderson69)
0002097: [Bug] fails to unite face when pad "up to face" is used. (tanderson69)
0002073: [Feature] PartsLibrary.FCMacro Thumbnails (yorik)
0000853: [Feature] Unicode Strings in Coin3D (yorik)
0001977: [Feature] Upgrade webapps (yorik)
0002020: [Bug] occ throws exception in model refine for spline surface. (tanderson69)
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Released 2016-04-01
0002400: [Feature] ccx note when installing PPA (normandc)
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