Released 2014-07-01
0001369: [Bug] Part::TopoShape::getMemSize fails for Bezier Curves (wmayer)
0001278: [Bug] No build possible with current CMake version 2.8.12 (wmayer)
0001270: [Bug] Raytracing export produces bad light definition (yorik)
0000971: [Bug] Tracing over a background image in Sketcher: image is overwritten by first dimensional constraint text (mrlukeparry)
0001279: [Bug] Wrong operator in DraftGeomUtils.getRotation (yorik)
0000895: [Feature] Part.BSplineCurve: allow to set degree and mutliplicites when calling constructor. (wmayer)
0001285: [Feature] Rotation constructor from vector/to vector not exposed in python
0001426: [Bug] PartGui::TaskCheckGeometryResults fails to open
0001427: [Bug] closing Part::TaskCheckGeometry after closing document causes SIGSEGV (wmayer)
0001441: [Bug] entering Transform mode degrades the Placemens rotation to single precision (wmayer)
0001349: [Feature] recognize remote branches for Version.h in detached head state (wmayer)
0000459: [Feature] Revolving a single line sketch fails
0000953: [Feature] No scroll bar on preferences dialog window. (wmayer)
0001419: [Bug] FreeCAD crash on sweep/loft (wmayer)
0001394: [Bug] Python imports used on functions output warnings on Debian|Ubuntu installations (wmayer)
0001585: [Bug] Python path messed up after installation (wmayer)
0001515: [Bug] Installing 0.14 breaks previous python installation (wmayer)
0001544: [Feature] Python function to retrive direct children of a shape using TopoDS_Iterator (wmayer)
0000707: [Feature] Update translations for 0.14 (yorik)
0001139: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when changing placement of sketch. (jrheinlaender)
0001550: [Bug] Sketcher 180°-constraints should not be allowed for lines without intersection point. (wmayer)
0001548: [Bug] Crash when opening Pad (wmayer)
0000949: [Feature] V0.14 - Add icons to its respectives operations in treeview (jmaustpc)
0001531: [Merge request] Option for new check in part check geometry (wmayer)
0000877: [Feature] Move from PyQt to PySide (wmayer)
0001525: [Merge request] use transformShape for uniform scaling in Draft._Clone Feature (wmayer)
0001503: [Feature] Make FreeCAD buildable using QT Creator using windows the VC++ 9 compiler (wmayer)
0001508: [Feature] Part Revolve - add parameter "solid" (wandererfan)
0001424: [Bug] emn import failure
0001498: [Feature] Allow Part Loft to create a closed solid i.e. have the Loft start and finish with the same profile (wandererfan)
0001502: [Bug] crash when using "move" tool in part workbench (wmayer)
0001446: [Bug] STEP export fails under Windows (wmayer)
0001469: [Merge request] OpenSCAD importer can't import more than one layer with the same name (shoogen)
0000994: [Feature] Standard view /Align view to selected face (yorik)
0001465: [Bug] scale() operation makes face invalid (wmayer)
0001172: [Bug] Installation should set Python path (wmayer)
0001107: [Feature] Ability to specify more decimal places of precision for fillets, etc. (wmayer)
0001326: [Bug] Starting FreeCAD Produces Blank Window with Granite Texture (wmayer)
0001458: [Merge request] dump Shapes to python string
0001257: [Bug] Crash on fuse() of two simple extrusions
0001147: [Bug] Boolean operation fails for a mesh
0001457: [Merge request] parse keyword args in Part::TopoShapePy::makeOffsetShape
0001454: [Merge request] add shape contents in part check geometry task view (wmayer)
0001210: [Bug] DLL load failed
0001373: [Feature] Expose BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape to python
0001174: [Feature] Allow user to input simple mathematical expressions when setting values to constraints.
0001420: [Bug] exceptions thrown with python object. (wmayer)
0001388: [Bug] SIGSEGV in Part::GeometryCurvePy::toBSpline (wmayer)
0001004: [Feature] Spin box locked to 1 mm
0001178: [Feature] Increase decimal precision
0001389: [Feature] Add a qt browser to the Parts library (yorik)
0000778: [Feature] upload models for library (yorik)
0001385: [Bug] Commit [bba876] causing new errors. (yorik)
0000790: [Feature] Hide all objects in a group (wmayer)
0001308: [Bug] icons not showing in Part Loft and sweep dialogues (jmaustpc)
0001359: [Patch] Drawing SVG output makes ever knot symetrical. (wmayer)
0001266: [Bug] Part Common fails with two surface objects (wmayer)
0001114: [Patch] Teigha File Converter not found, DWG support will be disabled. (yorik)
0001215: [Bug] Sweeping along a helix causes exception (wmayer)
0000873: [Bug] RefineModel() does not mark edges/faces as modified (jrheinlaender)
0000860: [Bug] PartDesign/modelrefine.cpp in FaceUniter::process() : United faces should all be marked as modified (jrheinlaender)
0001219: [Bug] Zero width rectangle (i.e. 2 vertical points) odd behaviour + crash (yorik)
0001185: [Bug] Planer image changes to number graphic when a part design constraint is made after the planar image (wmayer)
0001242: [Bug] Draft Dimensions due not observe Dimension Precision on FreeCAD Windows (yorik)
0001296: [Bug] invalid DXF export (yorik)
0000993: [Feature] Port wiki, phpbb and mantis to self-hosted (yorik)
0001292: [Bug] Crash propably in MeshPart (wmayer)
0001277: [Feature] FeaturePython objects should be able to define how POVray output is generated (yorik)
0001287: [Bug] Loosing Snap when Object is getting more complex. (yorik)
0001031: [Bug] PropertyLinkSubList causes crash
0001022: [Feature] BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevolution vs BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevol (wmayer)
0001291: [Bug] plane offset precision is limited to 0.1 (wmayer)
0001290: [Feature] Add spiral tool in Part Module
0001218: [Bug] Missing / blank snap tool icons; perpendicular, ortho (yorik)
0000755: [Feature] Add a Feature to delete a whole subtree of the FeatureTree
0000840: [Bug] OCC precision corruption from App::PropertyFloat (Jriegel)
0001155: [Bug] FreeCAD crashed while creating a loft of two ellipses (wmayer)
0001284: [Bug] Robot file RobotExample, double-click PartToWork, crash
0001246: [Bug] Constraint datum dimension label shown as gray box vice number in transparent background. (wmayer)
0001194: [Feature] Spreadsheet module (yorik)
0001269: [Feature] Parametr "tolerance" in "Create Mesh from geometry" work strange. (wmayer)
0001256: [Bug] Order of operations for Matrix is nonintuitive, needs documentation
0001222: [Bug] \Raytracing\Templates\ install folder missing - file ProjectStd.pov missing - Povray error StdFinish undefined
0001224: [Bug] Tiny Tweak: v0.14 Shows Some Items as 0.13
0001228: [Bug] Cross section of Torus in Part Workbench fails or give wrong results (wmayer)
0001220: [Bug] Line tool (preview as you move) disappears after new file created (yorik)
0001244: [Feature] Add a "render" button to the raytracing module (yorik)
0001231: [Feature] Annoying messages at startup
0001236: [Feature] Touchpad navigation issue (wmayer)
0001239: [Feature] Part --> Geometric Primitives --> Regular Prism (wmayer)
0001102: [Bug] Online help line needs modifying (yorik)
0001227: [Bug] FreeCAD crash with segfault Linux
0001234: [Bug] 'filemname' is not defined, typo? Can't import DWG (yorik)
0001133: [Bug] crash at padding a sketch with 42 holes
0000945: [Bug] BuildInstaller.bat issue
0001048: [Bug] Problem exporting (Meshes) to STL & STEP. (wmayer)
0000973: [Bug] Wrong outline in pocket
0001051: [Feature] Vertex in Part Loft and Sweep profile list - error handling (wmayer)
0001136: [Bug] cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (Jriegel)
0000861: [Bug] Meshing algorithm creates wrong shape (wmayer)
       0001232: [Bug] Create Mesh from geometry / Export mesh. (wmayer)
0000699: [Bug] Shape.removeSplitter() loses Shape.Placements on some Shapes
0001137: [Bug] Incomplete slices when using Part.slice on a torus (wmayer)
0001221: [Feature] Add a function that can apply a Placement to a Shape like sh.transformGeometry(sh.Placement.toMatrix()) (wmayer)
0001216: [Bug] Unable to Loft Sketches with Radiused Corners
0001044: [Feature] Create a test suite for Arch and Draft (yorik)
0001209: [Patch] Change the Word "Radius" for Chamfering (wmayer)
0001213: [Bug] FreeCAD Compilation fails on Linux 32 bit (wmayer)
0001207: [Feature] Expose Standard_Boolean TopoDS_Shape::IsPartner(const TopoDS_Shape& other) const; to python (wmayer)
0001189: [Feature] Re-assign hot keys 0 thru 6 to line up with the icon placement.
0001186: [Bug] Draft Snap Toolbar Icons Crossed up (yorik)
0001182: [Feature] Preserve names and colors on console mode export to STEP (wmayer)
0001076: [Feature] Placement Position Entry can be improved (wmayer)
0000964: [Patch] Patch to allow use of external PyCXX (wmayer)
0000846: [Feature] [Sketcher] Dragging + ESC (wmayer)
0000538: [Bug] Part WB extrude from ruled surface makes either two faces or a solid (wmayer)
0000923: [Feature] Split shape color setting from current preference page into a separate page (wmayer)
0001109: [Feature] Touchpad Navigation issue (wmayer)
0000931: [Feature] Can't change STEP/IGES export units through Python interface (wmayer)
0000948: [Bug] Part names are incorrect on import from STEP file (wmayer)
0000641: [Feature] Make Clipping-Plane-placement editable + support multiple planes (wmayer)
       0001159: [Feature] Clipping plane should have more controls (wmayer)
0000596: [Feature] Edge chain selection (wmayer)
0001104: [Bug] Toolbar Customizer Move Buttons enabled but inactive (wmayer)
0001023: [Bug] Crash when quitting after using Windows > Tile (wmayer)
0001161: [Bug] Merged Project object being imported changes size when moved (wmayer)
0001162: [Feature] Cut mesh with plane (wmayer)
0000803: [Feature] Feature request - box selection for faces in set color mode (wmayer)
0000832: [Feature] Original color STEP model lost in import
0001021: [Patch] add directory to findCoin cmake
0001025: [Feature] wireframe mode should include vertices in display
0001128: [Bug] Can not export. No way to select file type.
0001127: [Bug] selftest errors
0001146: [Bug] Unable to export file to any file format
0000627: [Bug] File extensions missing from supported file descriptions in open/save dialgos
0000849: [Feature] [Sketcher] Small inconsistency with update (wmayer)
0000920: [Feature] Hide turntable dialog when in fullscreen mode (wmayer)
0001007: [Feature] Keep drop down menus open when changing to another part
0000864: [Bug] Skin remains when cutting rectangle
0001026: [Feature] Suppress CMake warning if OCE wasn't found but OCC was found (wmayer)
0001032: [Feature] add preferences option for bounding box colour (yorik)
0001157: [Bug] Export to BREP does not work in Ubuntu (wmayer)
0001160: [Bug] Freecad sometimes 'forgets' the ability to handle stp files (wmayer)
0001078: [Feature] Snap Center Point at Center of Cylinder, Circle (yorik)
0001143: [Bug] Boolean Cut Fails with Extruded Shapestring
0001138: [Bug] DeprecationWarning: Use 'TypeId' instead (yorik)
0001150: [Bug] Abort on startup
0001152: [Bug] The output of __repr__() of Vector and Rotatio would create Objects with different Values do to inapropriate rounding
0001093: [Patch] Improvements for Brep Inventor nodes
0000889: [Bug] Crash on filleting (wmayer)
0000952: [Feature] Download manager (wmayer)
0000638: [Bug] Copy and Paste of a boolean operation moves children to new object (Jriegel)
0001120: [Bug] Windows installer long standing issues [easy fix] (wmayer)
0001121: [Bug] IndentationError in Python Console
0000965: [Feature] Tooltips should include shortcuts keys in parentheses
0000826: [Patch] reading from the python console for using pdb (wmayer)
0001106: [Bug] Segfault when selecting a duplicate pad
0001097: [Bug] CMake stops with error "Circular ... <- ... dependency dropped." if source == build directory (wmayer)
0001087: [Bug] Inventor Navigation continues with released Mouse Button (wmayer)
0001046: [Bug] ver 0.13 rev 1828, drafting, measurement, angles (yorik)
0001042: [Feature] Feature Request:: DXF Export in XY plane (yorik)
0001035: [Feature] Add webGL exporter (yorik)
0001062: [Merge request] an improved Helix icon as suggested by raulshc (yorik)
0001068: [Bug] DXF export of "large" Polyline Curves (yorik)
0001075: [Feature] DWire Command Number Entry Improvement (yorik)
0001082: [Bug] Bug in Draft Edit -> Add points (yorik)
0001086: [Bug] Crash when executing script 3 times (wmayer)
0001085: [Patch] TimeInfo: diffTimeF(): added default arg
0001084: [Patch] TimeInfo: diffTimeF(): non-zero result for ident. time stamps
0001079: [Bug] Task Deadlock: Part Workbench disabled when closing Combo View with open Task (wmayer)
0001077: [Bug] Placement Panel not removed after Entity Deletion
0001080: [Patch] Wrong header define PART_GEOMETRY_H in ProgressIndicator.h (wmayer)
0001073: [Feature] Allow Draft tool to create Part Primitives (yorik)
0001072: [Bug] Enclose isinstance(Edge.Curve,something) in try-except (yorik)
0001064: [Bug] Crash occurs in version 0.13 when trying to use alignment tool (wmayer)
0001071: [Bug] addObject with four arguments does not return the DocumentObject
0001065: [Merge request] Tree icons for Part Ruled surface, Part Export and some other fixes (yorik)
0000934: [Bug] Draft tools referenced before assignment (yorik)
0000959: [Bug] arc orientation sometimes becomes wrong when exporting to DXF (yorik)
0001059: [Bug] Cannot add object to DocumentObjectGroupPython
0001061: [Merge request] display tree icons for PartDesign workbench (yorik)
0001055: [Bug] remove duplicate include files in PartFeature.h (yorik)
0001056: [Patch] Sketcher Polyline tool "tool tip" "M key" (yorik)
0001050: [Merge request] use a face as a profile for Part Loft and sweep (yorik)
0001052: [Merge request] Tree icons for Part Vertex, Line, Edge, Circle, Ellipse and Helix (yorik)
0001053: [Bug] New Start Page tab every time the Start WB is selected
0001047: [Bug] Duplicate code inside ? (yorik)
0001036: [Bug] EngineBlock: unable to select bspline (yorik)
0001019: [Bug] Crash on document recompute (Jriegel)
0000946: [Bug] Objects imported by Drag-n-Drop end up in the wrong document (yorik)
0000966: [Patch] Draft Working Plane Button ToolTip (yorik)
0001024: [Bug] Draft Line - Start and End properties don't respect placement (yorik)
0000604: [Feature] Stable PPA (normandc)
0000984: [Bug] latest git version doesn't build on mint linux 2013-02-10
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