Released 2013-01-28
0000492: [Feature] Sketcher: Create from existing 2d elements (yorik)
0000939: [Bug] Pressing Escape while pivoting a box crashes
0000942: [Bug] Crash when 2xdouble-click on part
0000962: [Bug] Attempting to import an SVG file fails with "invalid literal for int() with base 16" (yorik)
0000963: [Bug] Polar array does not work as described/expected (yorik)
0000162: [Feature] Suggestion on view mouse movements (wmayer)
0000547: [Feature] Drawing module - editable title blocks (yorik)
0001020: [Patch] Sweep (wmayer)
0000830: [Patch] Part Design Fillet and Chamfer icons should be different from the Part icons (wmayer)
0000935: [Bug] Failure to load SVG file (yorik)
0001013: [Bug] 0.13 program crash
0000793: [Bug] Deleting constraints/geometry causes crash.
0000775: [Bug] Part/Pocket fails up to curved face if that face is smaller than the sketch (logari81)
0000894: [Feature] Invert mouse Zoom for CAD mouse model (Jriegel)
0000303: [Feature] Draft feature in Part Design (mrlukeparry)
0000911: [Bug] V0.13- Faces of Solid models cannot be selected when ALT-TAB is used to switch between applications
0000917: [Bug] Task watcher doesn't update on object creation/destruction (Jriegel)
0000901: [Bug] Draft: Finishing Edition of existing BSpline does not end 'editmode' (yorik)
0000899: [Bug] Unable to see any parts created when upgrading to latest freecad
0000910: [Bug] Circles Extrude Only Surfaces
0000916: [Bug] Easy bug to fix (win installer)
0000914: [Bug] Too large default distance between eyes for Stereo mode
0000912: [Bug] Fit selection doesn't work as expected
0000903: [Bug] V0.13 - Change Individual face color on solid is missing
0000855: [Bug] Start page ship stuff not correctly installed (yorik)
0000859: [Bug] Deleting wires/dimensions causes illegal storage crash (yorik)
0000896: [Bug] ShaftDesign wizard incorrectly calls the active document
0000827: [Bug] Sketch copy deletes all constraints (logari81)
0000835: [Bug] Loading Draft and Arch Module duplicates the Tab in the Draft Preferences (yorik)
0000773: [Bug] Pad/Pocket up to user-selected face fails sometimes
0000863: [Bug] segfault in ~PythonDebuggerP() (wmayer)
0000865: [Bug] Document.xml in project file contains invalid string
0000858: [Bug] Self-Test fails for testActivate v0.13.1539
0000828: [Patch] Enhancements in OpenSCAD Module (yorik)
0000856: [Bug] Wrong inverse of a matrix
0000665: [Bug] Follow up 0000640: This file crashes FreeCAD UI latest Git
0000834: [Bug] Minor preselection color bug
0000651: [Bug] FindCoin3D should look in /usr/include/Coin3 for COIN3D_INCLUDE_DIR
0000843: [Patch] Wrong Context Menu Entry for Fillet/Chamfer -> Edit Pocket
0000545: [Bug] Undo revolve causes crash 'illegal storage'
0000809: [Feature] Explain the interface on the startpage (yorik)
0000825: [Bug] dxf import failing: invalid literal (yorik)
0000824: [Feature] Revolve icon suggestion (yorik)
0000833: [Bug] Color-per-face info lost when you set transparency
0000831: [Bug] python print causes File descriptor error on windows
0000817: [Bug] 'make DevDoc' fails
0000818: [Patch] [PATCH] added new page to "Customize" dialog for space navigator
0000823: [Patch] Extension of Facet class for getting vertex indices natively
0000816: [Patch] Integrate Shoogens patch for OpenSCAD import (Jriegel)
0000822: [Patch] Two little tweaks for the python console
0000630: [Feature] Add Ability to set defaults for Appereance (yorik)
0000813: [Bug] set colors dialog crash.
0000802: [Bug] Draft scale - some problems and some suggestions (yorik)
0000807: [Bug] Image plane duplication
0000791: [Bug] Placement dialog leaves unapplied changes
0000801: [Bug] Accidental "Cancel" in "set colors" destroys all the work
0000789: [Bug] Sketcher active in one document blocks closing another.
0000736: [Feature] when object is deleted, auto show it's parametric objects
0000788: [Bug] OFF import doesn't handle empty lines properly
0000772: [Feature] Navigation style suggestion - do not change cursor location when you are controling view
0000787: [Patch] Patch for Space navigator support on windows
0000762: [Bug] cPickle allows to trigger arbitrary code execution from FCStd file (wmayer)
0000777: [Bug] Shared libraries call exit
0000776: [Bug] Splashscreen shows errors
0000774: [Bug] merge project with these files instantly crashes FreeCAD
0000765: [Feature] Extend Draft Array to include z axis and allow arrays of arrays (yorik)
0000764: [Feature] Serialize Shape to python String
       0000572: [Feature] add a method to Part module to read BRep data from string (wmayer)
0000759: [Bug] importSVG produces unorientable shapes by creating Faces from open Wires. (yorik)
0000757: [Bug] comparison of const char* using ==
0000684: [Feature] Add an option that make FreeCAD check the shape after each boolean/loft operation
0000749: [Bug] ‘PI’ was not declared in this scope - compile error
0000537: [Bug] lack of tree structure in combo view - when using mirror
0000737: [Feature] Couple draft suggestions (yorik)
0000740: [Bug] work bench initiation from in fcstd file
0000144: [Feature] Add several tools to Part module (Jriegel)
0000724: [Patch] Up to first, up to last, up to face options to Pocket feature (Jriegel)
0000728: [Feature] Added midplane option to Revolution Feature
0000733: [Feature] Up to first/last/face, two-sided dimension options for Pad Feature
0000739: [Bug] Chamfer/Fillet(PartDesign) on whole body produces infinite loop
0000738: [Feature] "Compress" stuff in Tree view
0000722: [Bug] creating then deleting a Draft dimention crashes or locks up FreeCAD (yorik)
0000734: [Bug] Cannot export Drawing Page to SVG (wmayer)
0000727: [Feature] Keep faces colors on boolean operations (wmayer)
0000706: [Bug] copy- paste- crash (wmayer)
0000719: [Feature] Implement a KActionSelector-like widget (wmayer)
0000631: [Feature] Support of more sophisticated swtich to configure with cmake (wmayer)
0000714: [Bug] Merge project does not include DiffuseColor
0000726: [Bug] Fails to compile GIT
0000723: [Bug] improper handling of qt specific comand line arguments
0000717: [Bug] Version info causes crash
0000716: [Bug] src/Tools/PyTools.c: strange assignment and a memory leak
0000710: [Feature] merge project annoyance (yorik)
0000712: [Bug] Cad Navigation Zoom with Ctrl + causes shapes to pan off screen
0000702: [Patch] Patch to fix compilation of FreeCAD with gcc 4.7
0000698: [Feature] Draft Extrude suggestions (yorik)
0000501: [Bug] Help -> "Python Modules" menu item loads raw html in browser
0000646: [Feature] Expose BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell to python (wmayer)
0000461: [Feature] Sketcher: tangent constraint between two arcs/circles (logari81)
0000688: [Bug] Gui issues: draft module rectangle tool always produces filled rectangle (yorik)
0000602: [Feature] Annotation object for Drawing pages (yorik)
0000686: [Bug] Draft upgrade looses inner holes (yorik)
0000660: [Bug] Draft dimension doesn't work with circles (radius + diameter) (yorik)
0000687: [Patch] sandbox module automake patch
0000394: [Feature] Task widget to display status info (wmayer)
0000248: [Feature] make the "revolve-axis" selectable
0000683: [Patch] patch required to build cam module with automake
0000682: [Bug] Fatal bug
0000681: [Bug] Bugs in Draft BSplines (yorik)
0000677: [Feature] Navigation style scope
0000676: [Bug] Typographical error
0000670: [Bug] Draft grid only visible on first view window. (yorik)
0000673: [Bug] BSplineSurfacePy::insertVKnots manipulates UKnots
0000672: [Bug] Loading Example "Drawing extraction" crashes at Baseclass.cpp line 115
0000624: [Bug] Trim tool doesn't work with construction lines.
0000669: [Bug] Crash on opening sketch of Pad feature of PartDesign example (wmayer)
0000649: [Bug] Creating a ruled surface fails
0000467: [Bug] blankes needed in some strings (crowdin)
0000415: [Bug] Wrong tree structure of restored python objects
0000668: [Bug] getPole() does not provide proper bound checking
0000653: [Bug] Menu shortcuts for the Sketcher item overlap with the Tools menu item.
0000633: [Bug] Mesh Boolean operations all return empty mesh
0000645: [Bug] Mesh.Mesh returns empty mesh when provided integers
0000640: [Bug] This file crashes FreeCAD (wmayer)
0000658: [Patch] Automake lacks option to build Mods: Assembly and Cam
0000667: [Patch] Patch for using system installed zipios++
0000666: [Bug] Drawing grid disappears. (yorik)
0000389: [Feature] Arch module - add basic drawing output (yorik)
0000636: [Bug] Two documents close (wmayer)
0000661: [Bug] cmake build on Mac OS: dealing with dylib versus so
0000516: [Feature] Arch module - Split the window tool (yorik)
0000385: [Feature] Arch module - IFC import (yorik)
0000659: [Bug] SIGABRT on startup in boost::program_options (Boost 1.49)
0000656: [Bug] WildMagic4 doesn't build on 64-bit Mac OS
0000340: [Feature] Make mesh 4-node parabolic instead of plain 3-node
0000585: [Bug] Bug with boost 1.48
0000655: [Bug] Dimension FontSize not set properly (yorik)
0000628: [Bug] git repo is not providing build revision number
0000384: [Feature] Arch module - add windows and doors (yorik)
0000650: [Feature] Placement API extension (yorik)
0000654: [Bug] FreeCAD Start Center dynamic links not working on some translations (yorik)
0000652: [Bug] Polish language not available even if translation is available in source
0000647: [Bug] Draft Module configuration settings need to be applied before Construction Mode works (yorik)
0000513: [Feature] Arch -module - Auto-cell (yorik)
0000584: [Bug] Draft downgrade doesn't give clear message and names (yorik)
0000643: [Bug] Mesh doesn't register off file import properly
0000637: [Bug] 'Draft_Wire' failed
0000511: [Feature] Arch module - Wall drawing tool (yorik)
0000583: [Feature] Make the Draft rectangle not depend on coin's Simage module (yorik)
0000510: [Feature] Arch module - Axes system (yorik)
0000625: [Bug] reloading python modules from Draft module breaks file handling (yorik)
0000623: [Feature] Matrix and Vector API extension (wmayer)
0000632: [Bug] Cone mesh fails with radius=0 on one end
0000629: [Feature] make Part::Revolution claim Child
0000618: [Bug] View PartDesign Workbench fails: 'module' object has no attribute 'makeFilletArc'
0000594: [Bug] Mac OS X build crashes on "About FreeCAD"
0000620: [Bug] Help -> About FreeCAD crashes program
0000621: [Patch] Typo - Constrain Horizontal Distance appears in place of Constrain Vertical Distance
0000496: [Bug] undefined symbol: _ZTIN8Sketcher12SketchObjectE
0000500: [Bug] Missing python library file (Jriegel)
0000551: [Bug] Problem on Python Manual in the Help Menu.
0000601: [Bug] Ray tracing workbench, export to povray does not work for "export view" produces empty exported file
0000578: [Bug] old version of CMakeLists.txt slipped back into /data/examples directory (Jriegel)
0000587: [Feature] Splash screen for 0.13 (yorik)
0000286: [Feature] Feature request for better Fillet/Chamfer
0000595: [Bug] Turntable rotation inverted
0000614: [Patch] compiling on linux: fatal error: moc_SketchOrientationDialog.cpp: No such file or directory
0000612: [Feature] Italian-Translation error in draft-workbench
0000611: [Feature] Explanatory illustrations for "Choose orientation" dialog
0000607: [Bug] Holding down middle mouse button (wheel) will zoom out without scrolling
0000330: [Feature] Wheel zoom sensitivty settings
0000609: [Bug] creates a file "71"
0000592: [Bug] SVG export of circles in multi-element groups is incorrect (yorik)
0000593: [Bug] SVG export encodes 'style' in a hard-to-see way (yorik)
0000598: [Bug] New version treats some objects as immutable
0000591: [Bug] exported svg has incorrect units (yorik)
0000588: [Feature] Allow Draft wires to have curved corners (yorik)
0000589: [Bug] Some files are not properly closed
0000590: [Bug] Draft objects saved from V11 don't appear correctly in V12 (yorik)
0000576: [Bug] Arch collada importer not working (yorik)
0000581: [Bug] crash when editing duplicated sketch
0000579: [Bug] Installer Raytracer Typo
0000574: [Bug] Draft hatches are not working anymore (yorik)
0000550: [Feature] No correct name of parts after import of STEP file containing assemblies
0000455: [Bug] Import :igs files
0000544: [Feature] Draft module - allow to shift-constrain dimensions (yorik)
0000526: [Feature] view control option (yorik)
0000439: [Bug] Improve STEP import to find colors attached to sub-shapes (wmayer)
0000570: [Bug] App::Document::_RecomputeFeature(): Unknown exception in Feature "Fusion" thrown
0000568: [Bug] sketch 2 draft bug (yorik)
0000566: [Bug] undo in draft causes crash (yorik)
0000564: [Bug] minor draft bug (yorik)
0000559: [Feature] Draft module - Scale feature (yorik)
0000558: [Bug] Draft Array doesn't allow different axes than Z (yorik)
0000560: [Bug] Draft WorkingPlane cannot be set from selected face anymore (yorik)
0000562: [Bug] [Draft Module] Algebraic Problem in SVG import
0000548: [Feature] 3D Circle from three points in Part wb (wmayer)
0000555: [Feature] 3D navigation using a two-button laptop touchpad
0000556: [Bug] Premature loading of modules (yorik)
0000546: [Feature] Ellipse added to create primitive dialogue (wmayer)
0000554: [Bug] Sketcher: adding angle constraint on a single line crashes FreeCAD (logari81)
0000542: [Feature] request for 'Draft Angle' option for extrusion
0000521: [Bug] Part Design: Pad from sketch on a face - reversed option greyed out in Taskview
0000549: [Bug] Undo of offset objects causes Draft tools to stop functioning. (yorik)
0000425: [Bug] Sketcher: line-on-point constraint freeze (logari81)
0000552: [Feature] Add the ability to calculate inertial properties t parts
0000525: [Bug] Crash when doing an undo of an already deleted object (Jriegel)
0000502: [Bug] Help -> "Python Manuals" displays missing file dialog(windows) / does nothing(ubuntu)
0000535: [Feature] request for python editible Properties panels
0000543: [Bug] objects that don't have a shape prevent Draft functions from working (yorik)
0000539: [Feature] Write message if off-screen rendering failed (wmayer)
0000540: [Bug] edits in ver 0.13 do not change screen object
0000536: [Feature] Parametric Edge in Part wb via create primitives dialogue gui
0000531: [Bug] Python API: Mirroring rotated parts produces undesired results
0000528: [Feature] Need a way to reset the Python instance (wmayer)
0000507: [Feature] Part/Part Design: allow edge preselection for chamfer/fillet (wmayer)
0000519: [Patch] Patch to set proper RPATH's for system wide installation on Linux.
0000532: [Bug] fillet command in Part Design shows only partial dialog
0000520: [Patch] CMake configuration tweaks (wmayer)
0000534: [Bug] cmake error (wmayer)
0000530: [Bug] Python Console allows editing of history
0000533: [Feature] Draft module - Array GUI tool (yorik)
0000493: [Feature] Face union to remove redundant edges
0000527: [Bug] removeSplitter closes holes
0000489: [Feature] python console: "RFC"s for even more "rapid" prototyping :-) (wmayer)
0000451: [Feature] boolean operation display mode
0000479: [Bug] Pad: negative value is not allowed (Jriegel)
0000504: [Feature] Include macro directory as part of default python path
0000514: [Feature] Arch module - Cell conversion (yorik)
0000524: [Feature] face union code needs merging
0000508: [Bug] Part: Parameterized Primitive: Plane - new planes with normals x or y are placed wrong
0000506: [Patch] Modifying focus when creating pad.
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