Released 2018-04-06
0002303: [Bug] 404 from auto-generated Help > Automatic python modules documentation (wmayer)
0002632: [Feature] Improvements to Prefs for Python
0003253: [Bug] set correct links to documentation and bug tracker in man page (Kunda1)
0002419: [Feature] Matrix rotation and Units compatibility
0003295: [Bug] Windows version of FreeCad 0.16 and 0.17 is shipped with Python <=2.7.13 that has a critical security vulnerability (user2853)
0000617: [Bug] Error when fusing torus and tangent cylinder (shoogen)
0003174: [Bug] Import of simple shapes no longer works (vejmarie)
0002876: [Feature] Value of Part::Thickness is missing unit (redefine this property to be a quantity instead of a regular numeric value) (eivindkvedalen)
0003173: [Feature] Allow renaming macros from the macro dialog (wmayer)
0003153: [Feature] Preselect: Show object label in status bar.
0002323: [Bug] Workbench Start recent list of 3 files is - after a crash - not sync with recent list in File Menu Recent list of 4 files (yorik)
0002516: [Bug] Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 is included in the setup package (user2853)
0003461: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when changing language setting (user2853)
0003426: [Bug] STEP exporting regression (peterl94)
0003424: [Bug] "basic_string::_M_construct null not valid" when opening a v0.16 project with v0.17 (wmayer)
0003416: [Bug] Crash on draft operation for a face (wmayer)
0003406: [Bug] 'About FreeCAD' menu broken (peterl94)
0003394: [Bug] Crash on gesture rotation with focus (wmayer)
0002987: [Feature] FreeCAD should recognize when it's been built as an appimage (wmayer)
0003344: [Bug] SIGSEGV when clicking "undo" (wmayer)
0003323: [Bug] Crash when clearing transaction list (wmayer)
0003287: [Bug] Building Freecad Master Branch with QT5.9 fails on WidgetFactory with typeresolver.h missing error
0002621: [Bug] Exporting with File Type *.svg, *.svgz, *.dxf should be prevented if not in Drawing WB
0002866: [Bug] Gui::InputField rounds values to 2 digits
0003281: [Bug] STL object doesn't retain its rotation after change
0003227: [Feature] Remove background from offlinedoc css (yorik)
0001947: [Bug] Non-ASCII Character in ShapeString FontFile Path (wandererfan)
0003197: [Bug] Auto-completion in edition of formulas (eivindkvedalen)
0002924: [Bug] Word wrap misbehaves in Python console when typed text inserted mid-line (wmayer)
0002923: [Bug] Python console history misbehaves with word-wrapped lines (wmayer)
0003280: [Bug] Labels changing on save/restore - and expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0003278: [Bug] Definition angles of parts Torus, Sphere can not be set with formulas (eivindkvedalen)
0001654: [Bug] Part Fillet/Chamfer object Shape Color lost on Position Change (kkremitzki)
0003027: [Bug] if type(App.Vector) in originSketch.Geometry: newSketch.Geometry = originSketch.Geometry Raises types in list must be.... (wmayer)
0003245: [Bug] BUG: Sketcher + Expression Engine - Expressions in Constraints get 'over-deleted' (eivindkvedalen)
0003225: [Bug] Inserting Rows prior to a cell containing a calculation referencing cells moved by an INSERT-ROW causes errors. (eivindkvedalen)
0003194: [Bug] Units not displaying correctly.
0003191: [Bug] Readily reproducible memory leak - FreeCAD doesn't reclaim memory on object deletion / project close. (wmayer)
0003169: [Bug] Mesh Design WB tools does not work on translated object (wmayer)
0002959: [Bug] GUI tests aren't run when tests are started via command line (wmayer)
0003200: [Bug] Error with angles in formulas (eivindkvedalen)
0002045: [Feature] Make Euler Rotation default or user-pref default (wmayer)
0001591: [Feature] STL export in various units (wmayer)
0003025: [Bug] Unhandled unknown exception caught in GUIApplication::notify when opening file + memory leak (wmayer)
0001906: [Feature] add Parameters isRelative, theAngDeflection of BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh in MeshFromShape Gui command (wmayer)
0002931: [Bug] Box select misbehaves with touchpad navigation style (wmayer)
0003152: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes upon opening saved file
0003010: [Bug] Spreadsheet -> Drawing, maximum rows
0002960: [Bug] Shape binder place change depending on the origin of the sketch use for a PAD
0000933: [Bug] Loft make no valid plane for sketcher (wmayer)
0003178: [Feature] Super Placement should be shown only when relevant in the Property Panel (peterl94)
0001969: [Bug] Part Revolve of more than one closed shape does not produce solids
0000017: [Feature] Support of more basic elements (Jriegel)
0000955: [Feature] Export key features of PartDesign to python sub-classing (Jriegel)
0002871: [Bug] New DAG implementation reports false-positives and denies to recompute the document (ickby)
0003166: [Feature] [proposal] full-screen mode (triplus)
0002609: [Bug] ship workbench doesn't work in spanish/german menu (yorik)
0002832: [Feature] Dimension polish (yorik)
0003128: [Feature] Modulo in expression doesn't support units (eivindkvedalen)
0003137: [Bug] Unit UserString wrong (wmayer)
0002671: [Bug] Operation properties without units in spreadsheet (eivindkvedalen)
0002877: [Feature] hypot() for expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0002978: [Bug] Loading spreadsheet-document ignores rows >AA (Kunda1)
0001999: [Bug] [STEP] Tessellation data or OpenInventor data memory leak (wmayer)
0002369: [General] STEP import is not grouping parts (vejmarie)
0002008: [Bug] not possible to compile because Coin3d headers are not found
0002637: [Bug] Inconsistent 3D after removing operation (pocket or boolean operation) (kkremitzki)
0002540: [Bug] Crash on startup
0003035: [Bug] exportDXF won't export LWPOLYLINE correctly (keithsloan52)
0002906: [Bug] Python API error: No module named PartDesign (ian.rees)
0003105: [Bug] Arch fails to load with 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc2 in position 22: ordinal not in range(128) (yorik)
0001978: [General] App::PropertySpeed needs units extended
0001937: [Bug] Projections of helix coils are largely disturbed and unusable in technical drawings (wandererfan)
0002530: [Bug] Can't find Origin for "Body" (ickby)
0001336: [Feature] Increase the tolerance for selecting edges (DeepSOIC)
0002506: [Bug] Crash when export .step (due to an upstream OCC bug)
0002996: [Bug] PyObjectBase notification chain can lead to unexpected changes to document (wmayer)
0002902: [Bug] PyObjectBase notification chain can lead to unexpected changes to document (wmayer)
0002914: [Bug] Spelling mistakes in 0.17 (Kunda1)
0002942: [Bug] Qt5 - Osx - automatic trees selection after cancel
0002953: [Bug] Icons not rendered on New doc
0001401: [Bug] Problem w/ MDI windows on OSX (AKA transition from QGLWidget to QOpenGLWidget ) (wmayer)
0002952: [Bug] Save Image... results in all-black image file when FreeCAD is built with Qt 5
0002933: [Bug] Blue drawing hints not scaled properly in Qt 5
0000358: [Feature] BSpline curves not closing correctly (wmayer)
0002271: [Bug] FreeCAD documentation can't be loaded on Debian/Ubuntu (sgrogan)
0002018: [Bug] Running Freecad with specific locale causes freeze (wmayer)
0000458: [Bug] Problem fusing a cylinder with a torus (Probleme de fusion entre un cylindre et un tor)
0002061: [Bug] Toolbar location settings are not saved or loaded correctly
0002894: [Bug] Using units as alias corrupts the design (eivindkvedalen)
0002055: [Bug] Undo and redo of fillet restore it incorrectly (kkremitzki)
0002886: [Bug] loads libraries from /usr/local/ if they exist (blacey)
0002569: [Bug] Documents containing cyclic deps can not be opened (wmayer)
0002897: [Bug] OpenGL methods have been deprecated starting in MacOSX 10.9 (vejmarie)
0002901: [Bug] Regression: Progress bar doesn't work (vejmarie)
0000956: [Feature] Integrate triplus macro as command into Part/Drawing (wandererfan)
0002183: [Bug] Mesh View . Use Bounding-Box Not Working For Flat Lines (wmayer)
0001935: [Feature] Showing something more relevant than "unhandled unknown exception caught..." (wmayer)
0002031: [Feature] show object name when hovering tree view (wmayer)
0002879: [Bug] Parentheses incorrectly removed from expressions (addendum to 0002767) (eivindkvedalen)
0001697: [Bug] projection of edges fails (yorik)
0002767: [Bug] Parentheses incorrectly removed from expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0002059: [Bug] Changing Angular Deflection and Deviation dont allow user to refresh the model. (ickby)
0002217: [Bug] Pockets disappear after toggling visibility (wmayer)
0002858: [Bug] Vector2d Equality Incorrect (wmayer)
0002867: [Bug] AttachExtension crash (wmayer)
0002579: [Bug] Invalid positioning
0002111: [Bug] Dialogs (like linear pattern) should not show internal name of an object but their labels as in the tree view
0002576: [Bug] Can't add FEM anchors (wmayer)
0001566: [Bug] Projection of a helix perpendicular to helix-axis fails
0001957: [Feature] add a python command to partly recompute the document (wmayer)
0002125: [Bug] CMake shouldn't generate for release tarballs. (wmayer)
0002131: [Bug] make fails due to missing ScXMLInvoke.h (wmayer)
0000805: [Feature] Add dimensions to drawings (mrlukeparry)
0002673: [Bug] Not memorize the rotation
0002775: [Bug] first build fails
0002801: [Bug] F11 enters fullscreen, but does not exit (should behave as toggle) (wmayer)
0002802: [Feature] Set a name to coin rootnodes of objects (wmayer)
0002785: [General] hasExtension() always false (ickby)
0002740: [Patch] Fix for missing -Qt5:Widgets library
0002760: [Bug] The result of an 'Undo' is shown too late.
0001927: [Feature] Abillity to disable all recomputes (shoogen)
0000353: [Feature] Graphical selection (Jriegel)
0002744: [Feature] FR: check box to export STEP w/without pcurves (wmayer)
0001724: [Bug] PartDesign Pad should not allow multiple solids for the base feature
0002631: [Bug] Ctrl-W Doesn't Close Window (wmayer)
0002709: [Bug] Usage of Specular Color leads to unstable behaviour
0002737: [Bug] Importing LibreOffice generated .xlsx spreadsheeds are always empty
0001588: [Feature] File browser dialogs initial starting directory ignores current working directory (wmayer)
0002733: [Bug] Preferences dialog box
0002712: [Bug] Can't use more than one decimal in dimension
0002723: [Bug] Vertex ordering of Face
0002724: [Bug] Redirecting messages to Python console apply issue.
0002714: [Bug] Segfault in PropertyLinkSubList::Save
0002618: [Bug] import _ssl error
0002641: [Bug] Offline Help Missing (sgrogan)
0002678: [Bug] file names with underscores are not displayed correctly in recent files menu (wmayer)
0002666: [Bug] Error on Save File
0001932: [Bug] Part revolve produces invalid solid when axis is tilted (DeepSOIC)
0001912: [Bug] Drawing Workbench Not Displaying Views of Cylindrical Parts. (wmayer)
0002392: [Bug] tiny caracter encoding problems (wmayer)
0002638: [Bug] Windows installer doesn't create the macro folder
0002486: [Bug] Menu "Preferences..." entry changes depending on language (wmayer)
0000020: [Feature] UndoRedo for Gui Elements (Jriegel)
       0002054: [Bug] Undo/redo of fillet does not bring back previous visibility (wmayer)
0000819: [Bug] Faces colors lost again (sorry) (Jriegel)
0001118: [Bug] The Undo/Redo function is broken and does sometimes not deliver the expected results. (Jriegel)
0002627: [Bug] Dimensions in TechDraw show mm value when imperial selected (wandererfan)
0002625: [Bug] Wrong dimension (str) from Unit (wmayer)
0001462: [Patch] Support linking of Netgen 5.1
0002612: [Bug] Mefisto Mesh generation is broken with SMESH 7 upgrade (vejmarie)
0002578: [Bug] Duplicate objects copied and exported
0001631: [Feature] migration to OCCT 7.0 (shoogen)
0002560: [Feature] Part BSplineCurve alternate interpolate method (wmayer)
0002453: [Bug] Values of less than 1 unit entered into Units enabled input fields require a leading zero, except when entered and removed
0002554: [Bug] Py Quantity Constructor Angles (wmayer)
0002548: [Bug] Overflow exception in DAGView (tanderson69)
0002525: [Bug] Line color of shapes are always black (wmayer)
0002513: [Bug] No write permission for new file (python) (wmayer)
0002455: [Feature] Update web apps (yorik)
0002133: [Patch] Bad file name copying.lib (wmayer)
0001674: [Feature] Allow clearing keyboard shortcuts for actions (wmayer)
0002401: [Bug] Freecad 0.16, sketcher doesn't allow save as (wmayer)
0002538: [Feature] Parts/symbols library: Add a button to edit the library path (yorik)
0002518: [Feature] Propertylink enhancement. (wmayer)
0002505: [Bug] Seg. Fault when creating a new sketch
0002515: [Bug] Stylesheet images are not correctly packaged on Win 64 installer
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Released 2018-04-06
0002195: [Bug] Input validator doesn't allow comma as decimal separator inside input fields a second time (eivindkvedalen)
0003363: [Bug] Nested conditionals statement fails with additional conditional statement in false-branch (eivindkvedalen)
0003214: [Bug] Back reference for expressions not cleaned up properly on object deletion. (wmayer)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003314: [Bug] Preference: Abaqus INP -> FEM does not get saved (berndhahnebach)
0003051: [Feature] FEM - mesh, ccx, export mixed mesh types to inp format (berndhahnebach)
0003021: [Feature] FEM - solver Elmer (Ongoing) (m42kus)
0003167: [Bug] FEM - Materials dialogue - Units conversion problem (HoWil)
0003283: [Bug] "Create FEM constraint for transforming a face" not visible in Task View (berndhahnebach)
0002080: [Bug] Attempt to remove FEM analysis result (displacement & stress) results in false warning (wmayer)
0003164: [Feature] Elements of an analysis including the mesh and constraints should be hidden when hiding the analysis (Space) (wmayer)
0003017: [Feature] highlighting of selected elements in FEM-wb (berndhahnebach)
0002965: [Feature] FEM - GUI, removing warning when creating a mesh from boolean fragments (berndhahnebach)
0002640: [Bug] FEM crash
0002546: [Feature] FEM constraint parameters can't be smaller than 0,01 (N)
0002113: [Bug] [build issue]netgen library version is nailed to OS rather than determined during build time.
0002617: [Bug] MED mesh export is broken (vejmarie)
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Released 2018-04-06
0002289: [Bug] Coincident constraint on endpoints of a TrimmedCurve (abdullah)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003143: [General] Step export doesn't honor placement
0003180: [Bug] Wrong normal of part object (wmayer)
0003262: [Bug] normal vector returned by Face.normalAt(u,v) is not always a unit vector
0002429: [Feature] text labels for Sweep and Loft operations
0001955: [Feature] Part Section not available in the Part menu (wmayer)
0003071: [Feature] List of vertexes returned by wire.OrederedVertexes missing last vertext in the list (wmayer)
0002722: [Bug] Attached cube doesn't follow support (DeepSOIC)
0003075: [Bug] Crash resizing primitive in Part (due to VBO being enabled) (vejmarie)
0002717: [Bug] Access Violation creating sweep (Kunda1)
0003136: [Feature] add element to existing compound (wmayer)
0002498: [Feature] Part Compound: add or remove objects (wmayer)
0002926: [Bug] Trying to access Part.Shape.children() before doc.recompute() crashes the whole program (wmayer)
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Released 2018-04-06
0002773: [Bug] array from path doubles first path (mlampert)
0002770: [Bug] Profile names wrong on startup (mlampert)
0002751: [Feature] Holding tab dressup (mlampert)
0003284: [Bug] Path Face Edge or Profile Edge Does run wrong direction on Not UseCompensation (sliptonic)
0003387: [Bug] Path From Shape is confusing. (sliptonic)
0003386: [Bug] Path Selection Plane does not produce correct output (sliptonic)
0003382: [Bug] Tool Length Offset supplemental command broken (sliptonic)
0003377: [Bug] Path workbench broken for Python 3 (mlampert)
0003326: [Feature] Feature Request: Derive area for face-milling from stock boundbox (additionally to perimeter or part boundbox) (sliptonic)
0003129: [Bug] Path - Bug in Start Point when one coordinate is zero (sliptonic)
0003338: [Bug] Tool Cutting Edge Angle definition needs to change to the most expected definition by users (mlampert)
0003335: [Bug] Tool editor has an off-by-1 indexing issue between displayed type and stored typed.
0003158: [Bug] Tool Cutting Edge Angle needs to be restricted to values 0° <= angle < 90° (sliptonic)
0003293: [Feature] New Feather Path Dressup for getting a Roll on or foo to a path also for Using Mashine CRC insted off Compensation (sliptonic)
0003324: [Bug] MillFace is defaulting the wrong start/end depths (sliptonic)
0003276: [Bug] Path-Workbench Has redundant Shape-From-Area menu items. (sliptonic)
0003321: [Bug] Path WorkBench ExportTemplate is available prior with no Job open. (mlampert)
0003292: [Feature] a better postprocess out as clear with linuxcnc postprocessor (sliptonic)
0003319: [Bug] Tool Controller not found when setting up new Operation (mlampert)
0002885: [Bug] Dressups drop feedrate from commands (mlampert)
0003303: [Bug] Template selection broken if Path not set in Path Preferences (mlampert)
0003285: [Feature] Show Datums defined by expressions in a different color (abdullah)
0003193: [Feature] Add test case for imperial (G20) output (sliptonic)
0002752: [Feature] Entry method dressup (sliptonic)
0003260: [Bug] Double Quote in tool name is not escaped in FCStd file (wmayer)
0003034: [Bug] HoldingTags dressup adds move to origin (mlampert)
0003104: [Bug] Phillips postprocessor broken (chrisb)
0003210: [Bug] SafeHeight and CleraranceHeight get overwritten each time the operation gets updated. (mlampert)
0003170: [Bug] Path Pocket from Face extends pockets to not selected faces (mlampert)
0003211: [Bug] PathGeom isHorizontal/isVertical needs support for Part.BSplineCurve (mlampert)
0003209: [Bug] PathStock doesn't take Base placement into account for stock "Extent Based" (mlampert)
0003168: [Bug] Path >Pocket > Predictably ignores some Pockets (mlampert)
0003100: [Bug] Different behavior of Clearance parameter in Face milling (sliptonic)
0002883: [Bug] Contour produces wrong path depending on direction (CW vs. CCW) (sliptonic)
0002974: [Feature] Holding tags dressup support for ArchPanela (mlampert)
0002580: [Feature] missing abort button (mlampert)
0003147: [Feature] Add open circular arc centers to manual drilling location add (sliptonic)
0003116: [Patch] Path profile corner handling (sliptonic)
0003048: [Bug] Individual Path visibility not maintained across restarts (sliptonic)
0003098: [Feature] Drilling option G98, G99 (sliptonic)
0003103: [Bug] Centroid postprocessor broken (sliptonic)
0002805: [Bug] wrong values in PATH graphical-editor (sliptonic)
0003089: [Bug] Spindle speed is limited to only 100 RPM
0003088: [Bug] ToolTable crashes after changing the units in the settings
0002861: [Bug] Contour operation produces wrong path if top face has pockets on an edge (sliptonic)
0002772: [Feature] Tool selection menue (sliptonic)
0002890: [Bug] User units needed for feedrate (sliptonic)
0002851: [Bug] adding additional objects to drilling operation results in duplicate entries. (sliptonic)
0002428: [Feature] Path - Add direction arrows to Path command visualization. (realthunder)
0002850: [Bug] PATH: Changed Tool parameters are not updated in operations (sliptonic)
0002937: [Bug] Holding tags dressup creates wrong arcs (mlampert)
0002903: [Bug] Path Viewprovider needs to handle arc planes correctly. (sliptonic)
0002848: [Bug] HoldingTags dressup should not approximate all arcs with segments (mlampert)
0002864: [Patch] PathHelix x10 issue on "Step in Z" inputfield and "Step in Radius" (wmayer)
0002484: [Bug] Empty Paths not correctly rendered (yorik)
0002790: [Bug] Finish depth gives incorrect results (sliptonic)
0002817: [Bug] bug if post processor preferences inconsistent with macro directory
0002870: [Bug] Path unit tests broken by questionable include and not being executed as part of '0' (mlampert)
0002854: [Bug] Exception "global name 'set_good_start_point' is not defined" thrown on Profile operation (mlampert)
0002865: [Bug] holding tag position indicators at wrong height (mlampert)
0002829: [Bug] Remove scipy as dependency for helical hole clearing
0002855: [Bug] Contour operation always goes to z=0 (sliptonic)
0002807: [Bug] Cannot profile based on face (sliptonic)
0002664: [Bug] created tool object is invalid on first access (mlampert)
0002825: [Bug] Path view provider arc approximation too coarse for wide arcs (mlampert)
0002809: [Bug] Path visualisation of helixes is incorrect (mlampert)
0002787: [Feature] Need Path to Wire transformation (mlampert)
0002789: [Bug] G-code export via File menu broken (mlampert)
0002615: [Bug] Unable to create profile path for bottom face of part (sliptonic)
0002585: [Bug] strange warnings/error in when generating new path (sliptonic)
0002598: [Bug] Incorrect values on Toolcompensation (sliptonic)
0002528: [Feature] G-Code output (sliptonic)
0002597: [Bug] GCode without feedrate (sliptonic)
0002604: [Bug] This is on V 0.17 Pocket operation issue (sliptonic)
0002551: [Bug] Pocket segfaults on tool change (sliptonic)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003421: [General] Duplicate workbench message (wmayer)
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Released 2018-04-06
0003002: [Bug] TechDraw - Update python bindings (wandererfan)
       0002972: [Bug] TechDraw PDF export from Python can only make PDFs of a Page in foreground (wandererfan)
0003003: [Feature] TechDraw testing suite (wandererfan)
0003368: [Bug] Center Lines are not scaled if view scale changes (only after clicking the view) (wandererfan)
0003294: [Bug] TechDraw: ProjectionGroup scale number editing should be disabled when user selects "Automatic" scale.
0003007: [Feature] TechDraw - Projection Group (wandererfan)
0003012: [Bug] TechDraw - View rotation (wandererfan)
0002967: [Feature] Automatically opening of drawing - switch needed (wandererfan)
0003224: [Bug] Segmentation fault in multi view (wandererfan)
0003215: [Bug] the detail view not according with the location of the view to detail (wandererfan)
0003113: [Bug] TechDraw needs Drawing WB (cmake) (wandererfan)
0003015: [Feature] TechDraw - Geometric Hatch PAT compatibility (wandererfan)
0002929: [Bug] GeomHatch doesn't draw lines from an absolute position (wandererfan)
0002971: [Bug] hiding foreground TechDraw page from Python causes segfault (wandererfan)
0002889: [Bug] Frame Toggle Button Inactive (wandererfan)
0002884: [Bug] Crash on Delete Page with No Template (wandererfan)
0002427: [Bug] hidden lines with cylinders (wandererfan)
0000143: [General] Allow moving of views graphically on the page (wandererfan)
0002692: [Bug] TechDraw/NewProjectionGroup: Projection is created even though Cancel is pressed (wandererfan)
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