Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0004263: [Bug] Problem with negative offset "Placement" when the preference are "Building US" units
0001240: [Feature] Welding WB (which also includes Technical drawing symbols)
0002869: [Feature] IPython / Jupyter support
0003304: [Feature] Integrate Inkscape in to FreeCAD
0004238: [Feature] Decide on the function of system.cfg
0004443: [Feature] Safe Mode (ala LibreOffice) that offers comprehensive options to deal with user config files
0004508: [Bug] Grouping problem (object disappearing after drag drop into group)
0002715: [Feature] The result for fillet of the union of cube and sphere is wrong
0004350: [Bug] Pad or Pocket of ShapeString in Part Design causes BOPcheck to abort (OCC bug)
0002526: [Feature] Add an option to show or hide the seam edges for the 3D view
0004083: [Bug] A bug in the Coin3D library causing app to crash on RPi4 (Upstream Raspbian libs need updating)
0004041: [Bug] Navigation cube hardcoded to use Helvetica
0000597: [Feature] New feature naming convention
0001352: [Bug] DOS line endings makes applying patches on Linux really hard
0003907: [Feature] Manipulating groups in treeview usability improvement
0004288: [Feature] Better Error message for No active body
0001208: [Feature] Parts Appear as Shells Instead of Solids When Viewed by Clipping Plane
0004352: [Bug] CMake Install process needs revamping
0001181: [Feature] Adding an option to fill a the surface with image or other methods to show a thread-like shape
0004084: [Bug] placement within a body breaks after a clone from non origin position
0003924: [Bug] Text (Annotation) moves greatly when placement edited.
0004332: [Bug] Thickness limitation on curved geometry
0004521: [Feature] When joining a polygon to the end of an arc a tangent is implied
0000798: [Feature] Allow to redefine the standard views
0000850: [Feature] Write own and better version of BRepFeat_MakePrism
0001089: [Bug] Robot Tools are not correctly placed when robot has another placement
0001095: [Feature] Free Flight View (inspection Tool)
0001347: [Feature] Reduce Rendering Time of Complex Objects
0001391: [Feature] Allow editing of multiple sketches at the same time
0001415: [Feature] Multi core/thread support
0001587: [Feature] Sweep On Multiple Paths
0001666: [Feature] Respect symbolic links
0001699: [Feature] Allow Wrapping of 2D Objects, Draft ShapeString, Onto Non-Linear Surfaces
0001968: [Feature] importDXF (v1.38) how to change DXF export format
0002022: [Feature] Profile shift for involute gear
0002077: [General] Assembly Merge: update tree view upon active object change
0002173: [Feature] Pythonic vs. non-pythonic
0002410: [Feature] Set Visibility/Invisibility of object that requires manual intervention (not simply Space bar)
0002794: [Feature] enable "document window" (flat lines, wireframes, points, shaded) for keyboard shortcuts
0002966: [Feature] Rotate View on Screen
0003039: [Feature] Importer for Autodesk Inventor files
0003069: [Feature] Persistent Clipping Plane
0003092: [Feature] Rescaling sketch at first dimensional constraint
0003183: [Feature] Graceful handling of self-intersections when creating part from imported mesh
0000573: [Feature] Macro editing FCMacro file - 4 improvements
0001778: [Feature] side-by-side and top-and-bottom stereo modes
0001792: [Feature] Move Export 3D SVG From Export To Tools Menu
0002039: [Feature] Use default selection for exports
0002686: [Feature] Container for points, lines, planes and surfaces
0003072: [Feature] Please add a function exportDXF to TopoShape
0003219: [Feature] [proposal] Add option to disable turntable rotation constraint
0003268: [Feature] [feature] surface cleaner or smooth surface tool (e.g. Mesh WB's "close holes")
0003290: [Feature] Port PySide imports to pyqt-abstraction-layer
0003305: [Feature] QGIS + Civil Engineering integration in to FreeCAD
0003395: [Feature] Turn vertex into 3D spheres with gradient coloring for optimal identification
0003397: [Feature] Permit Linear pattern feature to follow guide curves
0003399: [Feature] Implement dimension tool
0003400: [Feature] Enable showing planes from model body
0003405: [Feature] Permit users to select any closed contour within a sketch
0003414: [Feature] Add "X-Ray" display mode
0003594: [Feature] DXF Export Units Toggle
0003637: [Feature] At FreeCAD startup; Add options to change the initial camera view and window size in Sketcher.
0003710: [Feature] Placement should remember "Apply incremental changes" checkbox setting
0003760: [Feature] Feature: Errors in sketches could be propagated up the tree
0003772: [General] Base::Console().Warning() Color almost unreadable on status bar with standard color theme
0003798: [Feature] Improve the "Sketch select" dialog of the "Map a sketch to a face" commando
0003157: [Feature] Expose makeLoft smoothing algorithm, max degree, and parametrization type to the user.
0003254: [Feature] Wrong paths to fonts occur when you exchange models between different systems. An 'Embed' option would be useful
0003446: [Feature] a python method to convert a Shape into a point cloud without extra dialog but parameter
0003920: [Feature] change orientation views related to XYZ planes
0003947: [Bug] Part-Container: Moved Part-Container do not effect contained objects
0003948: [Bug] Part-Container: Moved Part container with objects, shapeblinder links to nothing
0003966: [Feature] Support switching the inputfield unit scheme per control explicitly in Python
0003999: [Bug] Toolbars get disabled on file open if 'Close & switch on opening file' is enabled
0004002: [Feature] [Feature Request] Revit rotation stop on Scroll Release
0004046: [Bug] Implementation flaw in View/Show all objects
0004133: [Bug] Sometimes face / sketch exports to flattened svg or dxf incorrectly
0004142: [Feature] Start WB could report more details when highlighting an FCStd file
0000897: [Feature] Map a 2D image onto the face of a 3D object
0004172: [Feature] Add a new option to sketcher preferences, "Maintain camera position while editing"
0004176: [Feature] Add options to have entire property tree expanded by default instead of collapsed in Properties pane
0004202: [Feature] Working points, lines and planes
0004203: [Feature] Loft improvement - PartDesign
0004204: [Feature] BlendCurve - need it to accept ANY point / line as an argument
0004240: [Feature] 3D polyline with separate radii on each "corner"
0004249: [Feature] Move versus edit objects
0004268: [Feature] Multi-Geometry Modal Selection and Deselection
0004314: [Feature] Add visual orientation while creating datum plane
0004329: [Feature] [Feature Request] Table Object
0004338: [Bug] Working Plane Proxy neglect Automatic Working Plane
0004339: [Bug] auto working plane neglect Left/Right rotation
0004342: [Bug] grouped buttons conflict in customized toolbar
0001417: [Feature] Half width tangential lines
0003398: [Feature] Hiding / Showing features hides entire body
0004020: [Bug] untrapped file error on start up.
0004048: [Feature] Linear and Polar Transform Tools apply the wrong failure criteria to Transforms and needlessly fail
0004090: [Feature] Provide direct access to task panel dialog from Python
0004154: [Bug] Parametric constraint can be changed only one way for fully constrained sketch
0004341: [Bug] shape flipped when Auto Working Plane and Bottom view
0004351: [Feature] gui font sizes are very small on a large screen (High DPI) (how to fix)
0004415: [Bug] Toolbar-only command must be visible for custom shortcut to work
0004438: [Feature] Flippin' direction of line / curve
0004446: [Bug] Fullscreen renders nothing
0004482: [Feature] Create point on plane while at the same time beeing connected to another point in/on the same plane.
0004502: [Feature] Automate Link and ShapeBinder
0004506: [Feature] Make it possible to copy items like bodys, primitives, solids, partgroups, sketches etc directly into partgroups, groups, comp.
0003786: [Feature] Ability to cycle between selectable objects (using a keyboard shortcut)
0004265: [Bug] Undo doesn't restore the state as it was before opening a transaction (realthunder)
0004375: [Feature] Do not add files to the recent list on import or export
0004403: [Feature] import PRC file or 3D PDF into FreeCAD
0004475: [Bug] Thumbnail creation sometime fails.
0004511: [Bug] AppImage update fails with python error in report view
0004537: [Bug] Export GCode - 'PrimitivePy' object has no attribute 'Proxy' error message
0004383: [General] Documentation: Sweep: Include "attach it to the path" step.
0004450: [Bug] When running FC 0.19 on Windows 7, it returns errors in the Report window
0004452: [Bug] Zoom with mouse wheel is broken (Kunda1)
0004313: [Feature] Set "Maximum number of backup files" default to a larger number
0004491: [Bug] In French version Preferences vanish on MacOS (chrisb)
0004520: [Bug] Doubleclick when drawing a polygon seems to results in an unresolvable double point. (chennes)
0003795: [Feature] Input of floating point values with point ('.') instead of comma (',') (openBrain)
0003956: [Bug] Possible conflict between QT and Opengl, titlebar overlaps menubar (chennes)
0004363: [Feature] Frozen views are not stored in the project
0003725: [Bug] Changing of the transparency parameter on Radeon GPU
0003922: [Bug] Preferences, General, Units, user system MKS(m/kg/s/degree) displaying dimensions as millimetres and not metres
0004323: [Bug] Import of any .dae (Collada)-file fails
0001589: [Feature] Points, curves and surfaces
0003554: [Bug] fillet fails on cut torus
0003741: [Bug] [macOS] Wrong coordinate calculation / visualisation when using Retina display
0003994: [Bug] zoom unstable
0004073: [Bug] [MacOSX Catalina] Unable to save (most likely due to security permissions)
0002821: [Patch] IDF Import of Step Models
0004091: [Bug] create links of a selected object along selected path
0004333: [Bug] Application defaults to display port dock instead of embedded graphics - causes empty editor screen without error notification
0004364: [Feature] Quick switch to a local part view
0002688: [Feature] Model Presentation Workbench
0004346: [Feature] Resolving FreeCAD stalls when creating mesh from complex objects
0004354: [Bug] Native run on wayland?
0004509: [Bug] round pocket exports as a hexagonal pocket in obj format. Is filled in solid in stl and 3mf formats. There is no gco export. (Kunda1)
0004315: [Feature] FEM WB, WarpVector widget default position from Right to Left
0001858: [Bug] Loft tool incorrect result with rotated ellipses (Upstream OCC bug) (shoogen)
0002024: [Bug] Boolean -> Difference leaves a extra hole (upstream OCC bug) (shoogen)
0004311: [Bug] Crash on a loft command with incorrect input (OCC bug)
0000019: [Feature] Resource framework for FreeCAD
0000005: [Feature] Navigator
0001141: [Feature] Honeycomb, internal bone structure and bamboo
0000336: [Feature] Add a feature recognition tool
0002437: [Feature] Trackpad navigation on mac does not use full capabilities of the trackpad
       0003995: [Bug] Trackpad on Macbook unusable in any mouse model so far
0000402: [Feature] Switch on and off parametric behaviour of document objects
0000477: [Feature] Proper interface for edit modes of view provider
0004470: [Bug] Crash on loft with twisted circles.
0004431: [Bug] Crash after editing Part Design feature links with DAGView active
0003744: [Bug] Open file dialog freezes the laptop for several minutes (approx. 2 min) <-- Due to missing Code Signing
0001570: [Bug] Part sweep bug with acute angle (Upstream OCC bug)
0001840: [Bug] Fillet after thickness gives invalid geometry (upstream OCC Bug)
0002041: [Bug] FreeCAD warns when applying thickness "BRepAlgo_Image::Bind"
0002961: [Bug] BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShellPy.setAuxiliarySpine problems
0004275: [Bug] [OCC/Coin] Rendering issue with large coordinate values
0003923: [Feature] TreeView widget, reorder the object in tree view by user
0004217: [Bug] Simple perf improvement: avoid 'if somekey in mydict.keys()' (chennes)
0003796: [Bug] Shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" to change the "Draw-Style" didn't work in sketch view (abdullah)
0004454: [Feature] DXF files open with wrong line thickness. Resaving lost thickness information
0000495: [Bug] Inconsistent translations for workbench names
0003073: [Feature] "Labels & Attributes" tree mix-up randomly elements
0001818: [Bug] Bool Op representation error
0003536: [Bug] Sketcher Issue while using Windows high constrast mode
0003904: [Bug] Draft _ Delete objects while command is active
0003673: [Bug] HIDPI related bug where text doesn't fit grey box in "Documents" when the software starts.
0003740: [Bug] [macOS] Editing item by double-clicking opens other project window
0003990: [Bug] Placement dialog fails after click on 3d view
0004178: [Bug] Part Design auto-generated Body not placed under existing Part
0004180: [Bug] [regression] DXF export option "project exported objects along current view direction" no longer working
0003081: [Feature] MacOS application crashes should generate Diagnostic Reports
0004423: [Bug] qwindowsvistastyle.dll does not style the line color
0003494: [Bug] DXF export (Autodesk DXF 2D type) doesn't add any UNITS field inside the dxf file.
0004186: [Bug] hang on union of objects
0000857: [Feature] Split package into smaller ones. (wmayer)
0004120: [Feature] Improve tooltips for the FC preference panel (make them more verbose) using the content from the wiki (Kunda1)
0004469: [Feature] consistant unit usage (openBrain)
0004269: [Feature] Allow user specified line thickness for SVG export (chennes)
0001294: [Feature] Configure light sources (wmayer)
0000922: [Feature] Topological Naming (realthunder)
       0002462: [Feature] Manage Object Display Order in Tree View
0000069: [Feature] Python debugger (wmayer)
0001901: [Feature] Add MSAA 6x option (ickby)
0000494: [Feature] Objects names in Label & Attributes Tree View should be translatable (wmayer)
0000503: [Feature] Measurement framework (wmayer)
0001954: [Bug] Set colors doesn't work on objects that have edit mode reimplemented (wmayer)
0001971: [Feature] Boolean Operations With Multiple Arguments (wmayer)
0001967: [Feature] Fuzzy Boolean Operations (shoogen)
0002927: [Bug] Mac application bundler doesn't track library versions (ian.rees)
0004014: [Bug] Build number & hash are no more available on daily build (Linux) (sgrogan)
0002738: [Feature] Provide Hash source installation (sgrogan)
0003420: [Bug] SVG imports from inkscape lead to wrong dimensions (yorik)
0003758: [Feature] Sign AppImages (triplus)
0003789: [Bug] Fix movement of children of Arch objects (yorik)
0004401: [Feature] FEM: Viewing mixed meshes (berndhahnebach)
0004402: [Feature] scientific notation for displaying numbers (wmayer)
0003353: [Feature] Direct modeling tools (yorik)
0003393: [Feature] Configuration wizard when launching FreeCAD for the first time
0004531: [Bug] homebrew does not have a beer (vejmarie)
0001756: [Feature] Show all currently assigned Keyboard Shortcuts with commands as list (wmayer)
0003960: [Bug] freecad help broken in ubuntu appimage (looo)
0004397: [Bug] Extensions module directory lacking from module paths on startup
0004115: [Feature] [Feature Request] Ability to change the Crosshair color
0003963: [Bug] Only alpha comma key can be used as decimal separator (openBrain)
0004445: [Bug] FreeCAD menus and buttons very slow (Linux version) on ChromeOS (GPU Acceleration must be enabled) (Kunda1)
0004348: [Bug] FreeCad will crash on startup if using X.Org Nouveau display driver
0004307: [Bug] toolbar icons and other UI elements seem to disappear from screen ie. do not render when restoring app on macos
0004447: [Bug] Datum (whatever dimension) mm for the constraint with index (whatever constraint) is invalid.
0004542: [Bug] missing in AppImage (x86_64) (Kunda1)
0003625: [General] Incomplete Wiki Pages to be completed before next release (Kunda1)
       0003641: [General] DAGview documentation needed
0004274: [Bug] FreeCAD zooms the viewport automatically Out making the interface unusable. (Kunda1)
0004206: [Bug] Transparency display lost on multicolored object when reloading file (chennes)
0004474: [Feature] Ghost tabs within Preferences dialog to indicate menus that are available but not activated (chennes)
0004683: [Bug] Mac Delete button (Backspace) is not recognized within Tools->Customize->Keyboard, only in combination with Fn button
0003310: [Bug] Application crash when adding a fillet on an edge (SIGSEGV) (Target OCC7.5) (chennes)
0004524: [Bug] FreeCAD_0.19-23546 does not start on MacOS (Big Sur) (vejmarie)
0004291: [Bug] Freecad crashes when creating filet (chennes)
0004078: [Bug] Crash when applying a fillet on a arc. (chennes)
0004076: [Bug] Freecad crashes when using Part Design Chamfer tool on a feature. (chennes)
0004543: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes when OCC fails with fillets and chamfers (chennes)
0004517: [Bug] Units entry missing from .dxf file export. (yorik)
0004495: [Bug] Navigation cube is not clickable at its edges and corners (uwestoehr)
0004515: [Feature] Preferences folder misused in Mac version (chrisb)
0001626: [Feature] Transparency not respected when highlighting (chennes)
0004098: [Bug] FreeCAD should not exit if unable to rename backup file to project file while exiting (wmayer)
0002397: [Feature] Select All Children of Object in Tree View of Combo View (uwestoehr)
0003207: [Feature] Distinguish for Points in Sketcher between Construction mode and non construction mode (chrisb)
0002956: [Feature] wishlist: use $XDG_DATA_HOME/freecad for system.cfg and user.cfg (wmayer)
0002396: [Feature] Make Utility sub-menu available in all workbenches (yorik)
0004739: [Bug] Launch from Windows installer fails to drop privileges (uwestoehr)
0004733: [Feature] Add the ability to test the translation from Crowdin in the FreeCAD interface on Windows OS (chennes)
0004436: [Bug] Points_Structure command does not work properly
0004504: [Bug] 0.18.5: addon manager still hangs (Kunda1)
0004536: [Bug] Export file - name (chennes)
0003930: [Bug] Hard Crash when discarding the formula editor on a scaled object
0003869: [Bug] Start page content appears in the background of the workbench when "simple" color is selected for the background
0004072: [Bug] Addon manager python exception and lockup (module 'git' has no attribute 'Repo') (yorik)
0003844: [Bug] PVS: The pointer was not released in destructor. A memory leak is possible. (wmayer)
0004430: [Bug] Mesh_BuildRegularSolid: parametric mesh props have no units in Property editor (wmayer)
0004081: [Feature] Abillity to show console output when running under Python (wmayer)
0004297: [Bug] invalid syntax in opening document
0004546: [Bug] add a material in Arch Wb error (realthunder)
0004353: [Bug] parameters of rotate_extrude in CSG files and openscad workbench are ignored (chennes)
0003896: [Feature] Dependency Graph: Panning
0004321: [Bug] Crash program during chamfer (chennes)
0003829: [Bug] External display dropdown menu offset
0003959: [Bug] Created image plane is not proportional to loaded image (wmayer)
0004303: [Bug] Three choices in a Sketcher menu each with the same Ctrl+Shift+E 'address' (wmayer)
0002105: [Bug] The Button To Open Data Tab > Placement Widget Is Not Always Visible (wmayer)
0004405: [Bug] Using PartDesign axis / plane as direction for constraints (wmayer)
0003988: [Bug] the function Import.readDXF doesn't import Bsplines (wmayer)
0000796: [Bug] Sketch of a feature "jumps" to another face after adding/deleting elements from the sketch of its support (realthunder)
0000883: [Bug] Sketch editing corrupts fillet (realthunder)
0000523: [Bug] Fillet Updates is failling!
0004540: [Bug] When manual size of DatumPlane is selected its Length property is not saved to the file and consequently not restored on opening (wmayer)
0004481: [Bug] App.ActiveDocument.ActiveObject is not updated
0004451: [Bug] cant open Openscad file *.scad (keithsloan52)
0004021: [Bug] Gesture Navigation style fires additional events on MacOS (DeepSOIC)
0003738: [Bug] [macOS] Wrong display of icons in toolbar (peterl94)
0004004: [Bug] Skripts funktionieren nicht mehr unter 0.18
0004116: [Bug] Icons on page massive and take up 80% of the work area
0001272: [Bug] BezierCurve is not documented and not intuitive (wandererfan)
0001952: [Feature] feature request for facility to provide files which are downloadable from the Wiki pages
0002135: [Bug] Units module is not properly considering the QLocale::groupSeparator() character
0002303: [Bug] 404 from auto-generated Help > Automatic python modules documentation (wmayer)
0002632: [Feature] Improvements to Prefs for Python
0002844: [General] [Wiki] Debugging instructions missing for OSX (Kunda1)
0002976: [Bug] Outdated info regarding Debian packages on download page (kkremitzki)
0003253: [Bug] set correct links to documentation and bug tracker in man page (Kunda1)
0003555: [General] Tutorial documentations:Creating a simple part with PartDesign (normandc)
0004189: [General] User documentation - Path workbench
0004407: [Bug] Documentation: Problem Part.Wire (yorik)
72 of 275 issue(s) resolved. Progress (26%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0002993: [Feature] Check/notification which workbenches have an available update (chennes)
0004535: [Bug] Addon Manager - no access to Macros on github (chennes)
0003330: [Feature] Add custom/foreign addon via repository URLs in addon-manager (chennes)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003272: [General] Failed to parse expression occurs when referencing an alias in an external spreadsheet document
0003466: [Feature] Control objects visibility via expressions and spreadsheets cells
0003487: [Feature] Add ability to copy objects with expressions linked to spreadsheet
0003696: [General] Constraints lose values upon reloading file.
0003839: [Feature] Support to update sketch when changing values in a spreadsheet
0003981: [Feature] Add Expression support to certain fields
0004037: [Feature] rewrite unit handling so that unit prefixes will be recognized
0004192: [Feature] Set an expression with many objects at the same time
0004480: [Bug] Cross-document linking does not update on Recompute
0004325: [General] Strange character after bracket, appear in expression input field for a constraint in sketcher
0003925: [Bug] Negative numbers with multiple units interpeted as expressions
0004031: [Bug] Crash upon solving expression referencing named Constraint
0004196: [Bug] Expression parser does not allow "/" after first member
0002467: [Bug] Expression auto-completer slows down FreeCAD (eivindkvedalen)
0002477: [Bug] Copy of sub objects with expression pointing to a spreadsheet shall not create a new spreadsheet (realthunder)
0002766: [Bug] Expression link is cuting by creating new object (eivindkvedalen)
0003255: [Feature] Use consistent angle measure for expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0003379: [Bug] Certain identifiers (like h, rad) cannot be used as names for constraints for usage in expressions (eivindkvedalen)
0003391: [Bug] Array and dictionary lookup does not work in expressions (realthunder)
0003448: [Bug] Failed to parse expression (eivindkvedalen)
0004119: [Bug] spaces in names cause fail to parse expressions. (realthunder)
0004261: [Bug] Bad behavior when using '°' unit in expressions (realthunder)
0004236: [Bug] Placement.Rotation.Axis in expressions requires multiple recomputes after changes (wmayer)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0004499: [Bug] Can't save color
0004102: [Bug] Contact constraint feature intensive
0003624: [Bug] FEM, GUI, mesh VP, element colors
0003879: [Feature] FEM, vtk result pipeline, drag and drop for filter objects
0003902: [General] Translation: "displacement" in ship.ts and fem.ts have different meaning and need differentiation in the sourcecode
0004060: [Feature] FEM - Export transient FEM results to vtk/vtu for ParaView
0004064: [Feature] Allow to select datums as direction for acting forces
0004366: [Bug] Tube does not show Fixed or Force Constraints
0004373: [Bug] Crash when create FEM pipeline
0002981: [Feature] FEM, GUI, constraint force should display units
0004391: [General] Minor updates to the messages of the Elmer solver-framework
0004408: [Bug] FEM constraints not on part design workbench object when moved using placement
0003050: [Feature] FEM, constraint pressure, make it work on face meshes too.
0002547: [Feature] FEM, GUI, all TaskPanels, input from spreadsheet-Data in expressions
0002934: [Feature] FEM, post processing, results, reaction forces
0002950: [Feature] FEM, GUI, post processing, graphical output of line mesh results
0002969: [Feature] FEM, GUI, mesh VP, faces of all elements should be shown, not only the faces of the volume elements
0003049: [Feature] FEM, mesh, support for meshing quads and hexa element for FEM
0003055: [Feature] FEM, scripting FEM module without the need of adding document objects
0003056: [Feature] FEM, 1D beam analysis example for Start WB and wrong results for 1D beam
0003057: [Feature] FEM, console output, get rid of so much console output
0003126: [Feature] FEM, post processing, results, sectional forces for line and shell meshes
0003375: [Feature] FEM, GUI, constraint force, scale factor
0003614: [Feature] FEM, GUI, mesh VP, highlight selected elements of a FEM mesh
0003615: [Feature] FEM, post processing, integrate glyph filter implementation
0003628: [Feature] FEM, export vtk pipeline to vtk file format directly
0003633: [Feature] FEM, post processing, read, store and display cell (element) results
0003706: [Feature] FEM, constraints, a very general constraint property setter
0003742: [Feature] FEM, make elmer writer fully compatipble with FreeCAD unit system
0004388: [Feature] Start paraview with selected result from within FC
0004390: [Feature] Save FEM Clipping Plane as different elements in the model/tree
0003933: [Feature] Meshing should be non blocking or at least has a progress bar/log output (berndhahnebach)
0002988: [Bug] FEM, GUI, Netgen and GMSH FEM mesh creation buttons don't clean up on error or cancel (berndhahnebach)
0003145: [Feature] FEM, VTK post processing, data at point filter, some issues (berndhahnebach)
0003315: [Bug] FEM, mesh groups only work after calling gmsh again (berndhahnebach)
0003612: [Feature] FEM, be able to run a analysis with a given CalculiX input file (berndhahnebach)
0003622: [Feature] FEM, calculix, support analysis type 'no analysis' for model checking (berndhahnebach)
0003782: [Bug] impossible to remove several references from FEM references lists (uwestoehr)
0003783: [Bug] several faces cannot be added at once in some FEM dialogs (uwestoehr)
0003874: [Feature] scaling of eigenmodes in free vibration analysis (berndhahnebach)
0003883: [Feature] FEM, add group info to the GUI tool show mesh information (berndhahnebach)
0003906: [Bug] missing feedback when exporting to FEM mesh formats (berndhahnebach)
0003932: [Feature] FEM - Selecting the interior solids of CompSolid (berndhahnebach)
0003937: [Bug] DataAlongLine Create Plot Always plot Magnitude (berndhahnebach)
0004394: [Feature] Clean up the ElectrostaticPotential task panel, make it smart and pretty. (HoWil)
0004395: [Feature] Homogenise/update selection dialogues in FEM (HoWil)
0003901: [General] Many English strings that aren't translated in FEM workbench (berndhahnebach)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003348: [General] Sketch constraint flips direction
0004066: [Bug] Sketcher - Simple example where the order of Element creation unexpectedly affects Trim results
0004387: [Bug] Popularity contest algorithm makes a poor choice for redundant removal.
0003529: [General] Solver reports redundant constraints on (blue) measures in reference mode (abdullah)
0003961: [Bug] DogLeg fail
0003976: [Bug] Solver falsely detects redundant constraints in specific conditions
0004284: [Bug] Solver reports false positive redundancy message after applying equality (abdullah)
0000704: [General] Sketcher Fully constrained report based on primitives (Lines, arcs) (abdullah)
0000754: [General] Sketcher doesn't report that a fully constrained sketch may have multiple (finite) solutions (abdullah)
0002069: [General] Display which parts of a sketch are fully constrained. (abdullah)
0003286: [General] DogLeg bug (falling back to LevenbergMarquardt) and feature request (abdullah)
0003635: [General] Solver does not use point-line-tangency in all possible cases (abdullah)
0003730: [General] Check effect of squared error in convergence (abdullah)
0003731: [General] SQP usage / debug information (abdullah)
0003735: [General] Arc convergence problems (abdullah)
0003745: [General] Solver failing on certain sketch (abdullah)
0003773: [General] Levenberg-Marquardt: Solver reports Sketch to be fully constrained which it isn't (abdullah)
0003791: [General] Solver fails to find redundancy (abdullah)
0003929: [General] SQP linear search second order step (abdullah)
0004032: [Bug] Solver claims Sketch to be fully constrained which it isn't (abdullah)
0004042: [Bug] Solver claims solvable sketch to be unsolved (abdullah)
0004044: [Bug] Improvement of solver's popularity contest to remove partially redundant constraints. (abdullah)
0004045: [Bug] DogLeg does not consistently converge to a same solution given the same input. (abdullah)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0004343: [Bug] OpenSCAD broken with AppImage (looo)
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003713: [Feature] Sweep Missing Path / Spine in Dialog or Properties
0003958: [Bug] Boolean Cut not working correctly when using arrays (polar in this case)
0004357: [Bug] Shape color is not displayed correctly after change in tree
0002595: [Feature] Part ShapeBuilder Enhancements
0002677: [Feature] Extend TopoShape API with topology traversing functionality
0002905: [Feature] cannot make a compound or a union or even a simple copy of the App::Part structure
0003196: [Feature] Extend attachment engine
0003858: [Feature] Additive primitives of the Part WB should use existing task dialogs of PartDesign WB
0004034: [Feature] Easier Way to Toggle BOPCheck On / Off
0004075: [Feature] CompoundFilter items selection helper
0004159: [Feature] Show spiral length in the property editor
0004262: [Bug] Thickness function crashes FC when applied on a pipe that has equal section radius & bending radius
0002748: [Feature] PART_WB: Add "Measure Radial" to Std Measure Menu
0004358: [Feature] Combo view > Data should consistently retain state of property foldouts
0001926: [Bug] Crash when creating sweep (fix pending on the upstream release of OCC 7.7) (shoogen)
0003458: [Bug] Recompute does not create a solid containing a complex shaped hole (upstream OCC bug)
0003670: [Bug] Thickness operation for part fails (upstream OCC bug)
0000122: [Feature] Part reference element
0002508: [Bug] Lofting edges get swapped over
0002509: [Bug] Sweep using bezier curve bug
0002721: [Bug] Face order instability with Part Extrude and friends (realthunder)
0001288: [Feature] Edit Mode for Part::Spline (wmayer)
0001739: [General] Sweep tolerances are too high (ickby)
0002700: [Bug] Part Offset2D fill offset problems
0003407: [Feature] Provide Attachment mode perpendicular to an existing plane
0002204: [Bug] Crash when unioning toruses (upstream OCC bug) (wmayer)
0004247: [Bug] GeometryCurvePy::intersect / GeometryCurvePy::intersectCC Segmentation Fault with OCC 7.4 (Fixed in OCC 7.5)
0003954: [Bug] 2D Offset crashes with particular model (chennes)
0004414: [Bug] MacOS only: CheckGeometry with BOPCheck hides menu and disbles visibility toggle (chrisb)
0004573: [Feature] missing bindings to expressions in primitives location dialog (wmayer)
0003053: [Feature] PART - List of important but empty wiki pages that need contents
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0004831: [Bug] Path Command parameters are not mutable.
0004778: [Bug] Tag dressup throws error if applied after boundary dressup.
0004036: [Bug] Job | Tool editor does not get keystrokes when mm/s items are selected.
0004652: [Bug] Drilling Operation missing move to operation start depth.
0004558: [Feature] Helix operation should handle conical use-cases
0003481: [Feature] Allow use of Draft Picker to set start points in paths.
0003676: [Bug] Pocket operations in Spiral pattern sometimes leave island on face
0003914: [Bug] Path Stock using Existing Solid not maintaining state
0004096: [Bug] Material allowance does not seem to differentiate between air or unused stock and remaining parts of the model.
0004406: [Bug] Increasing Memory usage when using Path WB and Adaptive Processing
0004435: [Bug] Wrong cut side of profil tool
0004468: [Feature] FreeCAD Path needs a new Postprocessor architecture.
0004532: [Bug] Canceling a dressup does not clean up properly
0004545: [Feature] Allow engraving of 3D paths.
0004551: [Bug] PathGeom.edgeForCmd() function can't handle full-turn circles.
0002839: [Feature] Dogbone dressup needs visualisation and preferences (mlampert)
0002660: [Feature] Improving path surfacing object feature
0003099: [Feature] Tapping (sliptonic)
0003570: [Feature] PATH: Facing Operations with large tools
0004009: [Bug] Dogbone locks up on path with two surface elements (mlampert)
0004647: [Bug] [Path] - Releative location of Toolbit files (russ4262)
0002916: [Feature] Add knife align up function to locate knife at begining cut precisely
0003989: [Bug] Wrong simulation after setting a start point
0004071: [Feature] Job path visualization
0004280: [Bug] LeadinLeadout DressUp Causes Tool Crash on Deburr Ops
0004459: [Feature] annoying : confirmation popup window hidden behind main-window
0004465: [Bug] Path toolbox operation order fails
0004769: [Bug] Changing TC with same tool number but different spindle speed doesn't produce correct gcode (sliptonic)
0003714: [Bug] Milling simulation continuously stealing window focus and releases it (shaiseger)
0003790: [Bug] Volumetric milling simulation of arcs creating artifacts (shaiseger)
0004038: [Bug] PathArea offsetting produces incorrect pocket path if shape is small relative to tool (realthunder)
0004320: [Feature] Support incremental Gcode in postprocessors (sliptonic)
0004476: [Feature] Path Inspect tool doesn't respect user's preferred units (sliptonic)
0004458: [Bug] [PATH] Engrave 'start at vertex' gives wrong path (sliptonic)
0004507: [Feature] Add depth support to vcarve operation (sliptonic)
0003984: [Patch] Creating a Path Job object fails with "PySide2.QtWidgets.QDialog' object has no attribute 'templateGroup'" (wmayer)
0003336: [Feature] Tool Data Struture, Library, and Editor overhaul (dubstar_04)
0004547: [Bug] pointless dialogue when adding new tool to job (sliptonic)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003277: [General] Omitting translation pages in Wiki search results
0004420: [General] Shortage of high-quality issues suitable for bounties
0003777: [Feature] Add Crowdin API Issue lister to Crowdin scripts
0002731: [Feature] Add exception stacktrace upload function (AKA crash reporting)
0003711: [General] FreeCAD wiki mobile friendly stylesheet
0003797: [Feature] Script that checks if AppImage .zsync file is present in Github Release page
0004328: [General] Several "Scripted objects" examples don't work
0003778: [Feature] Central translate function (Kunda1)
0003546: [Feature] [Forum] Embed PeerTube videos with the video tag
0003206: [General] TravisCI to run code linting to report trailing whitespace/tabs + LF line endings (Kunda1)
0003328: [Bug] Make new MediaWiki skin with nav header (AR795)
0003821: [General] Docker container for FreeCAD development (David_D)
0004019: [Feature] FreeCAD Website - .htaccess hack to dissappear .php extension from URL (yorik)
0004033: [General] Translations of External workbenches need to be incorporated in to Crowdin (import/export) translation scripts (yorik)
0004271: [General] Wiki: Test the Mediawiki:YouTube extension to embed videos on the wiki (kkremitzki)
0004299: [General] Non-ASCII usernames in MediaWiki not working (kkremitzki)
0003645: [General] Mediawiki Extension: Please install MassRegex to make sweeping changes to blocks of wiki pages at once (kkremitzki)
0003716: [General] Fix the FreeCAD Wiki Sidebar
0004245: [General] MantisBT text field needs size limit
0003828: [Feature] Triage bidirectional script: Trigger automated phpBB forum thread from MantisBT ticket (and post forum thread back to ticket) (Kunda1)
0003715: [General] Automate push/pull translations from Crowdin
0004578: [General] Strings in the UI that aren't being translated (Kunda1)
0003259: [Feature] Buildbot framework
       0003205: [General] TravisCI to check spelling of submitted Pull Requests to FC repo
0003747: [General] Update phpbb to 3.2.7 (kkremitzki)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003822: [Feature] OSPRay or Embree raytracing engines (howetuft)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0002091: [General] 3D printer simulator - a new nodekit?
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0004003: [Bug] Renaming spreadsheet no longer has any affect on field tags.
0004410: [Feature] Feature Request: Spreadsheet zoom, as per Excel and LibreCalc
0002474: [Feature] Integrate LibreOffice Calc via GUI
0002100: [Feature] Spreadsheet: Additional Inverse Display Units
0004024: [Feature] any change in a spreadsheet forces a recomputation of the whole part
0003560: [Bug] Renaming alias in spreadsheet changes the spreadsheet part of the reference from label to internal name (eivindkvedalen)
0002472: [Feature] Spreadsheet - Move Cells (eivindkvedalen)
0003460: [Feature] Add the following functions to expressions and spreadsheet: concatenate text and indirect (realthunder)
0004093: [General] Spreadsheet losts Alias-values
0002957: [Feature] please add spreadsheet direct printing (wmayer)
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Scheduled For Release 2021-12-31
0003575: [Feature] TechDraw: Don't recompute on text changes
0003572: [Feature] TechDraw: Easier Color Drawings
0004828: [Feature] Allow Entry of Section Origin Before Setting Section Normal
0004827: [Feature] Show Section Line if Base View is a Section
0004221: [Feature] Ability to drag and drop the circle/square defining the detail view in TechDraw
0003603: [Feature] Preserve sketch colors in DXF exports
0004235: [Feature] TechDraw: "Format Spec" field not changed automaticaly
0003646: [Feature] Allow manual entry of the main direction (the front) for a ProjectionGroup
0003647: [Feature] Allow for easy editing of TechDraw elements by double clicking
0003005: [Feature] TechDraw - Internal View Consistency
0003008: [Feature] TechDraw - Drawing Tools
0003011: [Feature] TechDraw - "broken view" - the ability to depict very large objects on the page.
0003014: [Feature] TechDraw - 2D Geometry
0003345: [Feature] Provide Alignment Guidelines On Drawing Page
0003369: [Feature] inner/outer Threads
0003609: [Feature] TechDraw - Auxiliary View
0003692: [Feature] Add Centermark for Circular BSplines
0003911: [Feature] Autofill information in SVG page template
0004114: [Feature] TechDraw Workbench Intersection dimensioning.
0004181: [Feature] Add View of Sketch with colours and dimensions
0004208: [Feature] Allow Adjustment of Stacking Order of Views
0004227: [Feature] TechDraw: Add new option - Filter of Feature
0004413: [Feature] Allow Selection of Print Area and Scale
0004489: [Feature] TechDraw - normative correct simplified presentation of Thread in Top View and Cross section according to ISO 6410–1 standard
0004527: [Bug] TechDraw page layout screwing up
0004128: [Feature] Allow Angled Section Views (wandererfan)
0003378: [Feature] Feature: BOM (Bill of Materials) functionality
0003077: [Feature] "Headless" export of SVG and PDF from TechDraw
0004122: [Bug] HLR Returns No Edges for Shape (wandererfan)
0004448: [Bug] 0.19 Tech Draw does not correctly open files from previous versions.
0004449: [Feature] Feature request: Please add a preferences item to suppress the second arrowhead on diameter dimensions. (chrisb)
0004386: [Feature] TD Weld Symbols Improvements
0004486: [Bug] Detail view is empty if the object is not a solid (wandererfan)
0004485: [Feature] Feature request: please add an option to supress trailing zeros on all Tech Draw dimensions (wandererfan)
0004598: [Bug] Segfault when deleting template without page (wmayer)
0004549: [Bug] [TD] ArchView only shows objects if section plane cuts through them (yorik)
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